Wow Your Taste buds with One of Our 11 Lovely Latke Recipes

Posted: December 3, 2022 11:17 am

This Hanukah season, serving a tasty latke every night will be a snap with one of our 12 delicious and easy latke recipes. You will love the way we show you how to transform this meaningful potato dish into a tasty addition to your holiday table with a variety of flavors that will make everyone’s taste buds happy.

1. Apple Latkes

Celebrated chef Nigella Lawson adds her twist on this classic latke recipe by including apples inside. The Greek yogurt in these latkes helps to make a not-too-sweet batter, making these a perfect addition to your meal or a delicious dessert. But the sweetness is amped up with the inclusion of superfine sugar as well as Lawson’s suggestion of drizzling maple syrup onto the top of these tasty cakes when they are finished frying.

But they taste divine without the syrup, and you can even use the leftover Greek yogurt as a dipping sauce for a less-sweet alternative to the syrup. Nigella’s Apple Latkes are destined to become a new favorite at your holiday celebration.

2. Baked Potato Latkes

Finding a latke recipe that appeals to every taste can be a challenge. But if you like the taste of a rich, baked spud or even loaded potato skins, you will love these Baked Potato Latkes. Out of the desire to use the mashed potatoes in a latke recipe instead of the traditionally grated ingredient, Baked Potato Latkes incorporate already mashed potatoes as the basis for this recipe.

Perfect for reusing last night’s side dish, Baked Potato Latkes can be thrown together quickly if the main ingredient has already been prepped but even without using pre-mashed potatoes, it doesn’t take long to form and fry these crispy cakes. Traditionally fried like most latkes, this recipe only needs about 8 minutes of cooking in the heated oil to turn into a delicious dish that everyone is sure to love.

3. Cajun Potato Latkes

Are you looking to add a bold, memorable flavor to your holiday celebrations? Look no further than these feisty Cajun Potato Latkes that get their rich taste from a healthy dose of Cajun seasoning. While the basic latke recipe is similar to other potato cakes, the Cajun Potato Latke recipe includes green onion as well as a spicy seasoning addition.

For those unfamiliar with Cajun seasoning, it is a blend of spices that are common in dishes that reflect the creole flavors popular in Louisiana and other southern locales. Most Cajun seasoning blends include salt as well as black pepper, celery seed, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, red pepper and thyme. If you don’t have any Cajun seasonings, you can make your own blend to match your own taste preferences.

4. Chorizo Latkes

Holiday meals that include latkes often will follow other dietary traditions, so seeing a recipe for latkes that includes chorizo as an ingredient might be surprising. But this kicky recipe actually calls for beef chorizo instead of the conventional pork version. Any meat made into a chorizo sausage, however, is going to be mixed with a rich spice blend including chile peppers, smoked paprika and garlic that give it an unmistakable taste sure to add a zing to your holiday table dish.

Diced yellow onions are included in the Chorizo Latke recipe and they add the perfect flavor balance to the mild potatoes and spicy beef chorizo. Sub in turkey chorizo or even meatless chorizo for the same flavor as an alternative. And serve this dish up with something to cool down the heat like a sour cream dipping sauce.

5. Curried Sweet Potato Latkes

An unmistakable flavor like curry is a perfect new twist to add to a traditional favorite like fried potato latkes. Curry seasoning is made up of a mix of flavors but the ones that pack the biggest punch are the curry powder, paprika and cumin included in this stand-out recipe. And the rich, smokey curry flavors are the perfect foil to the sweet side that brown and white sugar brings to this recipe.

Instead of white or russet potatoes, the use of sweet potatoes is the perfect way to combine a spicy sweet taste in these latkes. Sweet potatoes add a subtle sweetness of their own to the recipe, but they are just a good vehicle to host the rest of the flavorful latke recipe ingredients. These latkes are also best when they are shaped into smaller, thinner cakes so you can be sure to cook the sweet potatoes thoroughly.

6. Foolproof Potato Latkes

What makes this recipe special is the fact that just about anyone can make them and they are (just about) guaranteed to come out spectacular. The secret to the Foolproof Potato Latkes is in the way you prepare the potatoes. Typical latke recipes call for grated potatoes which can be labor intensive and frankly, not a lot of fun when you need to whip up a huge platter of these tasty treats. But this recipe asks you to crush the potatoes by tossing them into the blender for just a few pulses to smash them just enough to be molded into a cake.

Other than the potatoes, this recipe turns out a traditional, crispy latke. The minimal ingredients needed for this recipe make it hard to mess up, even for the novice holiday cook. And serving them up with sweet applesauce or sour cream will make even the most inexperienced cook look like a pro when they deliver these gorgeous cakes to hungry guests.

7. Oven Fried Latkes

When you want to minimize the fried food in the house, even on a special holiday like Hanukkah, serve an Oven Fried Latke instead. This recipe calls for a really hot oven to crisp up the flavorful potato cakes and eliminates the use of sometimes dangerous hot oil needed to fry up traditional latkes. And since these latkes are made in the oven, you can make a large batch at one time and even young cooks can safely prepare this holiday staple without too much supervision.

In addition to being baked instead of fried, the use of egg whites in the recipe instead of whole eggs makes this recipe even healthier by reducing the cholesterol. But even though holiday recipes shouldn’t be made only for their nutritional value, no one will suspect that these healthy swaps have contributed to the undeniable great taste of this latke recipe.

8. Potato Latkes with Caramelized Onion Sour Cream

Potato latkes are traditionally served with applesauce or sour cream, but this recipe brings a fancier flavor to the holiday table with a caramelized onion sour cream garnish to dress up these humble potato cakes. For more experienced cooks, the first part of this recipe is all about developing a rich, flavorful onion to create the cool sour cream sauce that will adorn the latkes. This first part will take about 30 minutes or more, making this recipe a little bit longer than most.

When you are ready to make the latkes, the mostly traditional recipe is amplified by the use of panko breadcrumbs to make them extra crispy as well as a healthy dose of garlic for punch and a bit of lemon juice to bring out the brightness. But all of the extra work on the sauce and the latkes will be worth it when you present your holiday feast with these showstoppers both in looks and in taste.

9. Potato Latkes with Caramelized Pears, Goat Cheese, and Sherry Vinegar Drizzle

If deep, caramelized flavors are what you are looking for, this recipe with pears, goat cheese and sherry vinegar may be what you need to make this Hanukkah. The latke cakes are made with plenty of eggs but an otherwise traditional recipe. The real star of the show is how the cakes are presented.

Each latke is served on a caramelized pear slice and then topped with a round of mild goat cheese before being drizzled with sherry vinegar to finish off this gorgeous dish. And even though the presentation will wow your guests, the dish is made with just a simple layering of ingredients for the cook.

10. Root Vegetable Latkes

Is everyone at your holiday table tired of the delicious but oft-served basic latkes? Then try this Root Vegetable Latke this year to surprise your dinner guests with these gorgeously hued potato cakes. Made from beets, carrots and parsnips in addition to russet potatoes, the latkes turn out a stunning red that is sure to be the talk of the holiday table.

The mix of root veggies is complemented by thyme, the perfect herb to bring out the rich, rustic flavors of these beloved vegetables. A healthy dose of salt and pepper are the only other seasonings needed to bring out the delicious taste of the root vegetables in this dish. But this recipe makes a big platter of latkes – about 2 dozen cakes – so for smaller groups, cooks might consider halving the recipe unless they want to serve these surprising little cakes at every holiday dinner.

11. Sweet Cottage Cheese Latkes

For a completely fresh twist on latkes, these Sweet Cottage Cheese Latkes are perfect for a Hanukkah breakfast or even anytime you are craving a light, fluffy treat. But these latkes are missing a basic, expected ingredient: potatoes. Instead, these little cakes get their shape from whipped cottage cheese that is beat with a few basic baking ingredients that develop into magical little cakes when beaten egg whites are folded into the batter.

These little cakes are fluffy and light because the cottage cheese and egg whites are whipped separately, creating a lighter-than-air batter that is less dense than traditional latkes. Served with applesauce, fruit or even sour cream, these Sweet Cottage Cheese Latkes are sure to be a big hit at your next Hannukah table or even as a sweet reminder of what the holiday means to you anytime you want to whip up a quick batch to snack on.



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