The Top 8 Preserves, Jellies, Jams, Butter, and Chutney Recipes You Need

Posted: October 18, 2022 9:25 am

Do you love making homemade jellies, jams, butter, chutney, and preserves to make your meals more savory and delicious? Here is a list of recipes that you can use to turn your favorite fruits into appetizing jams, jellies, and butter.

1. Apple Jam Recipe

If you have a bunch of apples in the house, you can transform them into a delicious apple jam to add more flavor and sweetness to your breakfast. You can smear the apple jam on your toast together with peanut butter if you love taking toast in the morning. We also recommend smearing apple jam on your waffles or pancakes if you desire a different yet tantalizing taste from your usual breakfast. If you have a sweet tooth, try adding the apple jam to your yogurt for added flavor.

The best thing about making apple jam is that the apples contain enough pectin that will help turn the apples into jelly without adding any chemicals to them. The time required to prepare and cook the ingredients to get the best apple jam in a jar is about 2 hours and 20 minutes, which will produce about 80 servings. You can store the jam in about 5 jars (half a pint) in order to preserve it for future use.

2. Green Chutney Recipe

Another flavorful chutney alternative to consider if you enjoy Indian snacks, sandwiches, and chaats is green chutney. This savory condiment is made with garlic, fresh mint, cumin, coriander, and ginger, giving it a unique aroma that helps elevate the snack’s flavor and taste. You can season green chutney with black salt and chaat masala to produce a delicious aroma and zing when taken with Indian snacks like aloo Tikki, samosa, Dahi vada, and pakora among others. For a more spicy taste, we recommend adding green chili to the chutney. If you love medium spicy food, then Indian chilies are excellent for you. However, if you prefer incredibly spicy green chutney, then Thai chilies or selano chilies will do the trick.

The great thing about green chutney is that it can last up to 3 months if stored properly in the freezer. We recommend freezing the chutney in ice cube trays or molds made of silicon. Once the chutney is frozen, transfer the cubes into a zip lock bag and keep them stored in the freezer. When thawing the chutney, take the chutney cubes and place them into a bowl and leave them to defrost. Ensure that you finish the thawed chutney within two days or else it will lose its flavor. It will take you only twenty minutes to prepare this green chutney,

3. Strawberry Jam Recipe

Making strawberry jam is surprisingly easy and fun. All you need is some strawberries, sugar, and lemon to make pectin-free luscious strawberry jam. Homemade strawberry jam is healthier than the jam you buy at the shop because it does not contain any artificial preservatives, thickeners, or additives. There is no limit to how you can use strawberry jam because it is quite versatile. You can spread the jam on your toast during breakfast, make mini tarts using the jam, fill sponge cakes with the jam, serve the jam alongside scones and cream, or drizzle it on your favorite ice cream.

To achieve a smooth thick jam, ensure that you use granulated sugar and frozen or fresh berries that do not contain any hulls. In case you’re using frozen berries, make sure that you thaw them first or they’ll require more cooking time. Although fresh lemon juice is the best, you can use bottled lemon juice as an alternative too. Once you are done making the jam, simply transfer it into different jars, leave it to cool at room temperature, and then seal the jars and store them in the fridge for future use. The total time required to prepare and cook this strawberry jam is 20 minutes.

4. Apple Jelly Recipe

Do you miss the traditional delicious homemade apple jelly you had while growing up? Well, this simple apple jelly recipe will taste like déjà vu and bring back sweet memories from your childhood. This golden spicy delicious apple jelly will be a welcome addition to your favorite turkey sandwich or mouth-watering cheese plate. The mulled apple jelly is prepared by heating, sweetening, and flavoring it with spices to make it fresh and long-lasting.

As a delicious alternative, you can serve the apple jelly with other savory foods such as cooked ham or roast chicken. Once you stock up your pantry with apple jelly, you will be surprised by the numerous creative ways that you can use it. For instance, apple jelly can make wonderful sauces, toppings, glazes, and even fillings. The total amount of time needed to prepare and cook this apple jelly is about 40 minutes and will produce a maximum of 7 ½ cups.

5. Mango Chutney Recipe

If you enjoy Indian food, then you know how scrumptious chutney is. Mango chutney in particular is a wonderful addition to roasted or baked chicken. In case you have plenty of mangoes in your home, this recipe will help you make tasty mango chutney instead of another mango fruit jam. The mango chutney gets its tangy taste from the acid produced by the mangoes as well as the vinegar added to it. We recommend adding vinegar to the chutney in order to offset the sweetness from the mango and make the chutney more appropriate for tasty savory dishes such as chicken, beef, lamb, pork, and turkey. You can also thin the mango chutney with water to glaze the duck or chicken.

Additionally, mango chutney is delicious when served with cream cheese or brie cheese. If you love sandwiches, you can spread the mango chutney in a grilled cheese sandwich or a chicken salad sandwich for a unique taste. It will take you about 2 ½ hours to prepare and cook the mango chutney using this recipe. This classic mango chutney may yield between 3 to 6 jars.

6. Apple Butter Recipe

If you want to make apple butter without having to stir it for several hours, then this recipe is perfect because you can bake the apple butter at low temperatures. The most pleasant thing about apple butter is that it does not contain any butter at all. Instead, it contains fresh apples cooked down and pureed to form a thick spread. You can also mix cranberries with apples for a unique exciting flavor and color. You can spread the apple butter over your toast, muffin, scone, or oatmeal, depending on your preference.

Apple butter is the true embodiment of the fall season because it is thicker, richer, and more sophisticated compared to apple sauce. We recommend slow cooking the ingredients at low temperatures in order to achieve a flavorful smooth silky spread. You can also use the apple butter as syrup by placing it in the microwave to warm slightly and use it on your favorite ice cream or thick fluffy pancakes. The time you need to prepare and cook apple butter is about 3 hours and 40 minutes. This recipe will yield about 5 cups of delicious apple butter.

7. Sweet Tamarind Chutney Recipe

Have you been looking for gluten-free chutney? Tamarind chutney can be a healthy flavorful gluten-free chutney option, as long as you do not add any hing to it. Alternatively, you can have gluten-free chutney if you use gluten-free hing in the ingredients. Sweet tamarind chutney offers a delicate balance of both tangy and sweet flavors. Due to all the spices, tamarind, and jaggery added to the chutney, this sweet tamarind chutney has a distinct flavor and aroma that is mouth-watering. The main item you need to prepare this type of chutney is tamarind, which consists of pods that contain sour-sweet pulp and grow on the tamarind tree. However, if you do not have the time to soak, strain, and seed the dried tamarind fruit, we recommend getting tamarind concentrate from the store instead.

The sweet tamarind chutney always starts with a deep sugary sweetness, which is followed by a sour tang. It is excellent for chaat, Indian snacks, and appetizers. We recommend serving it with paneer tikka or samosa. You can top the sweet tamarind chutney on samosa chaat, aloo, Tikki, and Dahi Bhalla or apply it on vada pav. It will take around 40 minutes to prepare and cook this delicious sweet tamarind chutney.

8. Peach Preserves Recipe

If you enjoy making fruit preserves, then this delightful peach preserves recipe will change the way you take your toast and biscuits forever. Peach preserves are different compared to peach jams and jellies because preserves contain larger fruit pieces and are less thick. On the other hand, jam is made from fruit puree, which makes it thicker than peach preserves. Peach jelly is made with fruit juice, which makes it thicker than preserves but not as thick as peach jam. When preparing the peach preserves, ensure that you sanitize everything that the peaches will come in contact with, such as the jars, tools, and the kitchen surface. This is because peach preserves are sensitive and may spoil and go to waste if prepared in an unsanitary environment.

When prepared correctly and stored in jars in a cool dark place, peach preserves can last for a whole year. Since sugar is one of the best preservatives, ensure that you use as much sugar as possible. You will know that the peach preserves are ready when they turn translucent. Ensure that you follow the recipe carefully to avoid overcooking the peaches; otherwise, they will become chewy and tough. The time required to prepare and cook the peach preserves is about one hour.

Which of the above jam, jelly, butter, chutney, and preserves recipes will you make next?



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