Top 10 Ways To Use Up Your Apple Picking Haul

Posted: October 8, 2021 11:31 am

This year has been a bumper crop for apples. Whenever you see an apple tree loaded with fruit, there’s usually no better feeling than devising ways to make yummy treats with those crisp, tart fruits. Once you’ve finished a day of apple picking or picked up a flat from the store, here is a list of recipes that will have your house smelling delicious and leave your friends and family wanting more.

1. Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp is one of the easiest concoctions that use up your apples quickly. It is also the perfect breakfast or dessert, with its soothing taste and crunchy texture. You can also use this recipe for other fruits like pink lady apples.

– 6 cups of peeled, sliced apples (about 6 medium apples)
– 1 cup flour
-1 cup quick-cooking oats (not instant)
-¾ cup packed brown sugar
-½ tsp salt

Mix wet ingredients in a bowl/pot. Mix dry ingredients in another bowl/pot. Pour the wet mix into the dry mix and stir until all are combined. Pour fruit mixture into greased 9×11 baking dish. Bake uncovered at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes to an hour or until browned on top and bubbling around the edges. Serve hot/warm with ice cream.

2. Caramel Apple Dip

This recipe is perfect for kids or anyone who loves to eat dip off a spoon! It’s also great for fall parties. It’s the perfect way to use up your leftover caramel sauce from caramel apples, and it pairs well with apple chips.

– 8 oz. cream cheese, softened at room temperature (to soften quickly, microwave in 30-second increments) Note: Microwaving this longer than 30 seconds can make the cream cheese runny and watery; it needs to be soft enough to mix easily), but not melted (if it does melt slightly, you can still mix it)
– ¼ cup caramel sauce
– 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients in a bowl/pot thoroughly with a wire whisk, fork, or spoon. Serve with apple chips or slices or other dippers of choice. Enjoy!

3. Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Apple butter is a delicious, nutritious spread that you can eat on toast or biscuits for breakfast! It’s also great as a side dish with pork chops or ribs.

-8-10 medium apples (depends on how much apple butter you want to make)
-1/2 cup water
-¼ cup brown sugar –
-1 tsp cinnamon
-¼ tsp salt

1) Cut up the apples and throw them in your slow cooker
2) Pour the water into it
3) Add the rest of the ingredients
4) Cover and cook on low for 8 hours
5) Use a blender to puree everything until smooth
6) Store it in an air-tight container in your fridge. Enjoy eating this yummy, healthy spread!

4. Apple Cider

Apple cider is an autumn classic that brings many warm memories of hayrides and hot apple cider. It’s also a great drink to serve to kids! This recipe is for Apple Cider which you can use as a base for other recipes like Mulled Apple Cider (add mulling spices).

-12 apples (about 3 lbs.)
-3 cups water
-1 Tbsp. lemon juice (optional)

1) Wash the apples well with cool water and cut out any spots or brown bits
2) Put the apples in your slow cooker
3) Pour the water into it
4) Add the tablespoon of lemon juice if you want to prevent browning
5) Cover and cook on high for 3-5 hours or until the apples have turned into mush
6) Pour everything slowly through a cheesecloth stretched over a large bowl
7) Discard the apple pulp
8) Chill the cider in your fridge
9) Serve hot or cold with cinnamon sticks, ginger snaps, or other festive garnishes!

5. Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce is similar to apple butter but doesn’t have as much a pureed texture, so it has some chunks, making it great for kids. It’s super easy to make, and it tastes delicious! You can also use this recipe with other fruits, so feel free to experiment.

-4 lbs. unsweetened applesauce
-2 cups white sugar
-1 tsp. ground cinnamon
-¼ tsp. nutmeg

1) Mix all ingredients in a large pot
2) Cook over medium-low heat until the mixture thickens
3) Serve hot or cold. Enjoy!

6. Apple Pie Fries with Caramel Sauce

This recipe is an interesting twist on traditional apple pie that kids love because it’s sweet, crispy, and crunchy! It’s great for fall parties or to grab as a snack when you’re hungry.

– 4 tbsp butter melted
– 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar
– 1/4 cup granulated sugar
– 1 tsp ground cinnamon
– Pinch of salt
– 1 Granny Smith apple
– 2 cups vegetable oil
– 1 box refrigerated pie dough (2 rounds)
– 8 oz. caramel sauce

1) Mix the melted butter, sugars, and spices in a bowl with a fork until well combined 2) Preheat deep fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
3) Slice the apples, put them in a large bowl, and cover with water to prevent browning
4) Take one round of pie dough out of the fridge
5) Cut it into sticks about an inch wide and three inches long
6) Put the cut pieces into another bowl that’s been filled halfway with water
7) Move them around so that they don’t stick together and push them down until they float
8) Repeat this process with the other round of pie dough
9) Once your fryer is ready, carefully lower the apple sticks in and cook until golden brown (around 1 minute)
10) Remove them with a slotted spoon onto a plate lined with paper towels to drain
11) Repeat the frying process again
12) To eat, put two or three pieces of fried pie dough on a plate and drizzle caramel sauce over it.

7. Apple Chips

Apple chips are thin slices of apples that get dried out by cooking for several hours at a low temperature. They’re great to munch on when you need something crunchy or want that satisfying apple flavor!

-5 lbs. firm apples (any type will work, but granny smith are recommended)
-2 cups water
-1 Tbsp. lemon juice (optional)

1) Cut the apples into thin slices
2) Place them in a large pot and add just enough water to cover
3) Bring to a boil
4) Turn down the heat and simmer until all of the liquid has evaporated and the apples resemble apple chips (usually about two hours)
5) Remove from heat, stir in lemon juice if using, and set them out on parchment paper laid over baking sheets
6) Let them cool in the open air for 1 day
7) Store in an air-tight container. Enjoy!

8. Apple Jacks

These alcoholic apple jacks pack a punch that you can feel in your stomach as soon as you drink it. This recipe is great for adults at fall parties and apple picking festivals, but make sure to keep them away from children!

-1-gallon hard cider (apple juice works too)
-2 cups white sugar
-4 cinnamon sticks broken into pieces or 1 tsp ground cinnamon

1) Pour the cider and sugar together in a large pot
2) Heat over low heat until the sugar has dissolved
3) Turn off the heat and stir in the cinnamon
4) Once cool enough to handle, pour through a cheesecloth stretched over another large pot
5) Discard of solids
6) Put everything back in the pot
7) Heat over medium-high heat until the mixture begins to boil
8) Remove from heat and let sit for a few minutes uncovered
9) Pour through cheesecloth again 10) Serve hot. Enjoy!

9. Cider Syrup

This non-alcoholic syrup is excellent served with apple pancakes or poured on top of plain yogurt, ice cream, or oatmeal for a burst of fall flavor. You can even add it to tea or any other type of warm drink to make them extra cozy!

-2 cups apple cider (freshly pressed if possible)
-1 cup white sugar

1) Bring cider and sugar to a boil in a small saucepan
2) Stir until the sugar has dissolved
3) Lower heat and simmer for 10 minutes uncovered
4) Remove from heat
5) Strain out any remaining solids. Enjoy!

10. Apple Butter

Applesauce is often given to babies because it’s so sweet, but once you take away the sugar, what do you have left? This apple butter recipe will show you how to transform applesauce into an adult delicacy with just a few extra ingredients.

-5 lbs. apples (about 9 medium ones, any type will work)
-2 cups water
-1 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice
-1 cup white sugar
-1/4 tsp ground cloves
-½ tsp ground allspice or 1 cinnamon stick broken into pieces
-½ tsp salt

1) Peel and core the apples, then cut into pieces that are around one inch thick
2) Place them in a large pot with just enough water to cover
3) Bring to a boil
4) Turn down the heat and simmer until all of the liquid has evaporated (usually about 10 minutes), stirring occasionally
5) Remove from heat
6) Stir in lemon juice
7) Puree the mixture
8) Put it back in the pot
9) Add sugar, cloves, allspice or cinnamon stick, and salt
10) Let cook over medium heat for 20-30 minutes or until thickened
11) Serve hot. Enjoy!

In conclusion, there are many ways to use up the bounty of apples you have picked deliciously! There is something for everyone, whether it’s apple pancakes, apple chips, alcoholic cider, or even cake. Got any good ideas on how to use up your apples? Comment below and share with others.



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