Super Bowl Meals that will Get Your Whole Team Excited

Posted: February 3, 2022 2:13 am

When it comes to Super Bowl meals, your “team” likely wants hearty and filling entrees. After all, getting up for a minute to grab a snack due to feeling hungry can mean you miss crucial elements of the game—and who wants that? Therefore, prepping something that will keep them full and engaged with the action is key. With that in mind, serving choices are important. Things that are easy to dip and grab, and can be placed near the TV without major spillage equal happy family members and more satisfaction for you. Check out this list for some ideas, and we hope you enjoy the food prep as much as the game itself!

Recipe 1: Cheeseburger Sliders

If you love the taste of cheeseburgers, but are not a fan of manning the grill, try these. Making them is similar to preparing sloppy joes, and then layering the mixture onto buns, so it is easy to get these together. Add Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper to beef. Cook until it’s not pink anymore. Once that browns, put the mixture on slider rolls, mix up a “secret sauce” layer on some cheese and pickles and everyone can dig in.

Recipe 2: Best Pizza Dip Recipe


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Two snack foods come together to form one delicious dip. Cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, sour cream and mozzarella are layered for plenty of cheesiness in every bite. Add in garlic, oregano, marinara sauce, plus red pepper flakes, if you want, for plenty of flavor. Top with sliced pepperoni, bake and get ready for some melty goodness. Serve with warm baguettes or bread slices. Or, eat it plain!

Recipe 3: Toasted Ravioli Recipe

This St. Louis staple is a hybrid of ravioli and mozzarella sticks. Bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese and flour is used with egg to coat your favorite frozen ravioli. Fry them in a skillet and top with basil, cheese and marinara sauce. Serve warm but cool slightly after preparing as oil is hot. Get the paper towels ready, as these are messy but good. You do not need to be in the Midwest to appreciate these.

Recipe 4: Air Fryer Meatball Sub

Tender meatballs, a roll, ricotta and tomato sauce comprise this favorite dish. But this recipe is not the typical sub recipe. The air fryer makes the meatballs cook faster and makes for an easier cleanup. If you like pasta, pizza, etc., we recommend making two batches of meatballs: use one for the subs and then freeze the other for later. Meatballs get added first, before the sauce combines to make everything extra tasty. Ricotta and basil add some added flavor to the rolls before the meatballs top off the sandwich. The meatballs are good on their own as well, if you are looking for low-carb recipes.

Recipe 5: Ranch Chicken Taquitos

For this recipe, take a note from past reviewers and microwave the tortillas to warm them before rolling them. This makes them less prone to ripping or breaking. Chicken, garlic, onion, cumin, tomato sauce and lime juice make for a savory filling. While the mixture cooks, whip up the sour cream dip: sour cream, mayo, milk, cilantro, dill, chili powder, garlic, salt and hot sauce, if desired. Each taquito will be fried and then topped with shredded cheese before being dipped in the sauce. These are truly bite-sized bundles of flavor. Colby jack or Mexican Blend cheese will help bring out the flavor even more, so consider using one of these to top each taquito.

Recipe 6: Root Beer Pulled Pork

This sweet, smoky and tender mixture makes for the most delightful dish, especially when served between a squishy roll and with some coleslaw on the side. Pork, root beer and barbecue sauce bring things to the next level. The vanilla notes in the root beer really stand out, but other ginger ale or cola could also work, if you do not happen to have any on hand. Brioche rolls work well, as do regular burger buns, whatever you prefer for a hearty meal.

Recipe 7: Easy Potato Skins Recipe

How are these so easy to make? No peeling needed—simply slice the potatoes into ½ inch rounds. This bite-sized version is perfect since the full-size iteration is quite heavy. Bake the potatoes and top with cheddar cheese are diced bacon. Pull them out, cool and top with sour cream and green onions. Yes, this is a classic Super Bowl dish, but it sure is tasty!

Recipe 8: Chicken and Waffle Sliders

Here is a secret: these use the frozen waffles you know and love, plus your favorite chicken fingers. It is that easy! Mix up your favorite coleslaw, assemble each slider and top with plenty of rich syrup. This one works for those who are not super cooking inclined, but want to serve something nice.

Recipe 9: Walking Taco Casserole

Ground beef, taco seasoning, beans, green chiles and salsa are cooked together before being served with fried corn chip strips and plenty of sour cream. Portable enough to eat while you watch the game but tasty enough that it is easy enough to enjoy more than one serving. Get plenty of chip bags, because you will likely need them—those who made this in the past loved it. It is like a taco without all the hassle.

Recipe 10: Corn Fritters

Corn is mixed with pepper, cilantro, onions, garlic, chili peppers and lime juice. They work best with fresh corn, so those in warmer climates may find these more appealing to make. They go well on their own or coated in some pepper jelly. This is way to get even the pickiest of kids to eat their veggies, and is best for an occasional indulgence, as it they are deep fried to perfection.



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