Super Bowl Desserts Guaranteed to Score Points with Your Crew

Posted: February 7, 2022 2:36 pm

The Super Bowl is a great time to go all out with making sweet desserts that capture the spirit of football. Win or lose, it is hard work, dedication and commitment that make any game—or recipe—worth winning or making. From chocolate to everything in between, we have the ideas covered. But, you have been warned: you may need to fight to get what you want before they are all gone, as these recipe ideas are seriously good.

Recipe 1: Football Cake Tutorial

Do you like decorating cakes more than making them? If so, this tutorial, which uses a box cake mix, would be a good option. Strategically cut the cake in three parts, piece the largest two back together and cover it with brown and white frosting to look like a football. It does not require a special pan, but using a ruler way help make the cuts even. Pipe green grass around the cake and you have something that is worthy of enjoying during the Super Bowl. Great, right?

Recipe 2: Touchdown Brownies

With just 20 minutes of prep, mix up these rich, chewy brownies before cutting them with a football cookie cutter. Pipe on the white icing, and you are set. Hint: make these even more decadent by sandwiching two between your favorite type of frosting or enjoy with a large scoop of ice cream. Vanilla is always good. Enjoy a classic game and a classic dessert with this recipe straight from the Betty Crocker Kitchen.

Recipe 3: Concession Stand Crackers

Even though you cannot go to the game or the concession stand in person, you can bring the experience to you. Melting wafers and chocolate hazelnut spread are dipped on a saltine before being rolled in the chopped candy of your choice: we love peanut butter cups, coated chocolate candies, nonpareils and milk bars, but almost any chocolate candy would work. Coconut or candy chips could also make for a satisfying crunchy snack. Use the leftover crackers as a topping for your favorite soup.

Recipe 4: Traditional Popcorn Balls

Sweet Homemade Popcorn Balls Ready to Eat

This old-fashioned treat is a winner for all ages. 7 quarts of popped popcorn, corn syrup, sugar, water, salt and vanilla are combined on the stovetop before being quickly rolled into balls. As the mixture may be hot, the part may be best left up to the adults. Food color can be added, if desired, so perhaps you make half one of the team colors and reserve the other half for the other one? Mix-ins, such as candy, can also make for a fun popcorn ball, but sometimes it is also best to keep things classic.

Recipe 5: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

If you love cookie dough, but not the idea of your crew eating it raw, try this version, which uses heat-treated flour. Chocolate chips, vanilla, brown sugar and cream cheese make for a dessert that tastes like the ever-popular cookies, but has none of the hassle of using an oven. Grab plenty of cookies, pretzels and graham crackers for dipping and enjoy! This also works as a tasty spread on toast or as a frosting, if you like that idea better.

Recipe 6: Churro Chips

These fried and sweet chips taste great in a sweet dip or when coated with chocolate. For a healthier take, strawberries also work well. These are simple to make, so you can get these prepped without missing the game. Cut each tortilla into 8 slices, toss each in butter and then coat with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Working in batches, place them into the air fryer basket for 6 minutes. Cook until crispy and golden brown. Note that white flour tortillas work best to make these—corn is too strong.

Recipe 7: Golden M&Ms Bars

These cookie bars are packed with M&Ms and white baking chips. Make sure to keep an eye on how long you bake these—if they are in the oven for a little too long, they may dry out slightly. Slice into bars once cool. Chocolate sandwich cookies, nuts and chocolate chips are good alternatives if you are not a fan of M&Ms. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container for three to five days after baking, but they are best enjoyed straight from the oven.

Recipe 8: Football Goal Cookies

These will win big points with your team this Super Bowl. Roll out your favorite cookie dough (we like sugar for these), either homemade or premade. Once cooled, jazz up each cookie with some colorful sprinkles and white decorator’s icing. These great for youth groups, gameday snacks and football fanatics. Serve with plenty of ice-cold milk.

Recipe 9: Football Whoopie Pies

This New England Staple is two chocolate snack cakes filled with marshmallow cream made from marshmallow topping (“Fluff”), butter, powered sugar and milk. For easy prep, draw the football shapes onto parchment paper, pipe in the filling and bake. Then, scoop some of the filling into a piping bag to draw on the lines. This recipe is tasty and a breeze to get together in that no fancy equipment is needed—you can use piping bags, but disposable plastic bags can work as well, your choice. These rich chocolatey treats are a hit with those who love snack cakes.

Recipe 10: Game Day Popcorn

This unique sweet and salty treat will be a hit for your next Super Bowl party. Start by popping about 10 cups of popcorn. Then, make the marshmallow mixture by melting marshmallows and butter. Working quickly, pour it over the popcorn before tossing handfuls of M&Ms, malted milk balls, pretzels/pretzel M&Ms and football candies (you can find football-shaped candies online) on top. If you like extra sweetness, feel free to drizzle some chocolate over the top, too. Enjoy some of this sweetness overload when the game gets intense. Sometimes, popcorn is just the thing to nibble on to stay focused.

Recipe 11: Football Shaped Oreo Truffles

Oreos and cream cheese make for some amazing truffles. Shape the mixture into a football shape. Then, melt chocolate and almonds and dip the frozen truffles in the chocolate bark. Finally, whip up some buttercream frosting to pipe over them. Enjoy! These are very rich, so depending on how many people are in your crew, consider making half or freezing the rest to enjoy later, win or lose.

Recipe 12: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs

One plus about strawberries is that they naturally look like the shape of a football. Also, who does not like chocolate-covered strawberries? Dip the strawberries in melted chocolate almond bark or chocolate candy coating melts. Let cool, and then pipe some creamy vanilla frosting. This is so easy to execute, and the results are delicious, too. You could also make a double batch and enjoy half on Valentine’s Day and half of game day.

Recipe 13: Best Reese’s Football Recipe

This recipe combines two favorites: Reese’s and football. Note that some consider it safe to eat raw flour, but it is generally recommended to “heat treat” it by microwaving it first. Peanut butter, salt, sugar, vanilla and flour meet Reese’s pieces. Once shaped, they are dipped and decorated. Past reviewers claim these are almost as good as the shaped peanut butter treats you can buy in the store, which is a high complement. Peanut butter fans will want to eat a lot of these, so eat a couple before plating to get your fix!

Enjoy the game…and these sweet treats.



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