Sleeping In This Weekend? 17 Quick and Easy Brunch Recipes

Posted: November 26, 2022 3:00 am

There’s something special about having brunch at home. You can burn the bacon the way that you like it; you can linger over your coffee without others hoping to take your table. It doesn’t have to be a difficult meal to make, either! Here are just a few brunch recipes that are quick, easy, delicious, and perfect for a relaxed morning at home.

1. Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

While there’s nothing wrong with good old-fashioned cinnamon rolls, you can take them to the next level with a recipe for caramel apple cinnamon rolls. These sticky-sweet treats are made with cinnamon, brown sugar, caramel sauce, and toasted walnuts in addition to real slices of Granny Smith apples. As a bonus, even though they might look like a million dollar dessert, they’re actually quite simple to whip up at home. Just make sure that you have room for an extra notch in your belt.

2. Kimchi Fried Rice

Are you looking for quick and easy brunches that’ll also use up some leftovers? Try kimchi fried rice. It’s actually better when it’s made with day-old rice that’s dried out a bit, and it’s an absolute sucker punch of flavor after you add the fermented kimchi. Other staple ingredients are green onion, mushrooms, bacon bits, and a poached egg on top, but feel free to make substitutions. The best thing about a fried rice dish is the flexibility to toss whatever you’d like into the skillet.

3. Hash Brown Breakfast Pizza

Perfect for a big brunch, this breakfast pizza is sure to leave everyone coming back for more. It’s made with a traditional early-morning mix of eggs, sausage, and cheese, but when you look a little closer, you’ll see hash browns tucked under the toppings for an extra crunch. It’ll be great as a fun weekend meal for the kids or a gathering of your girlfriends on the patio. Who doesn’t love pizza, especially when it doubles as one of the best homemade brunches that they’ve ever had?

4. Plantain Breakfast Bites

If you’re looking for unique brunch ideas, consider these plantain breakfast bites. Their base is made from plantains rather than any flour-based product, and you can customize their filling however you’d like. If you’re vegan, go for leafy greens and perhaps some quinoa for a bit of a crunch. If you’re a traditionalist, go for eggs, diced ham, and cheese. The great thing about plantains is that they can be cooked savory as well as sweet, opening up the door for all kinds of brunch possibilities.

5. Sweet Potato Breakfast Salad With Almond Butter Protein Dressing

This sweet potato breakfast salad get its name from its sweet potato squares, but the true star of the dish is its dressing. Made with almond milk, almond butter, pitted dates, and protein powder, it’s a fantastically nutritious way to kick-start your day, and it’ll be nice and filling as well. If you’re looking for healthy brunch recipes that’ll tide you over for awhile, grab a salad bowl and get to work.

6. Maple Bacon Biscuits

It’s impossible to talk about these maple bacon biscuits without your mouth watering. They’re prepared just like regular biscuits, so you can make them with the ingredients already in your pantry, but they get their signature twist from the addition of maple syrup and bacon pieces added to the dough. The end result will make for a quick and easy brunch that’s still stick-to-your-ribs satisfying. If you want to make it an even bigger meal, slice the biscuits in half and stick a sausage patty between them.

7. Spicy Egg Sandwich With Sausage and Pickled Peppers

The spicy sausage-and-egg sandwich is something that truly encapsulates the concept of “brunch.” It uses breakfast ingredients, but it’s a hearty meal that’ll fill you up for lunch, and its spiciness will keep kicking on your taste buds long after you’ve licked your fingers clean. The sausage can be crisped to your satisfaction, and the peppers will crunch as you sink your teeth into the English muffins. For extra oomph, cook the egg so that the yolk is still runny. Let it drip down the sandwich like it’s in a breakfast commercial.

8. Diner-Style French Toast

Enjoy all of the flavors of this diner-style French toast while staying in your bathrobe and slippers. Its secret lies in its thickly sliced challah bread; from there, you’ll add eggs as well as cinnamon, butter, and vanilla extract to create a dense and delicious dish. Serve it with maple syrup or powdered sugar for added sweetness, or take it with a cup of strong coffee to balance the sweet and the tart. No matter how you slice it, this toast is sure to impress.

9. Chocolate Waffle Cake

Dazzle your guests with this multi-tier waffle cake. Its chocolatey squares are layered with a whipped cream filling that’s as pretty as it is delicious, and you can turn it into something right out of The Great British Bake Off with the addition of some raspberries and powdered sugar on top. Despite its fanciful appearance, it takes nothing more than a regular waffle iron to make. You can even use a prepackaged batter mix! It’s one of those recipes that’ll look a lot more time-consuming than it is, which is all the more impressive since it’s also one of the most unique brunch ideas out there.

10. Classic Eggs Benedict

Nothing says “brunch” like eggs Benedict. It’s almost a comfort food in terms of how much it represents the meal, so it’ll be satisfying on multiple levels as you dig your fork into layers of poached egg, English muffin, and Canadian bacon. Don’t forget the hollandaise sauce, and don’t be intimated by the thought of whipping it up at home! It’s deceptively easy to make, and it’s essential for the overall eggs Benedict experience.

11. Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Yes, you read that correctly! The sour cream coffee cake is made with sour cream, but it’s not the culinary crime that it sounds like. You can’t taste the sour cream as more than a subtle tang, and meanwhile, it gives weight to a crumbly streusel topping and a glaze made from confectioner’s sugar and maple style. It’s one of the more complicated brunch recipes that you can make at home, but if you’re willing to invest the time, you’ll have a magazine-worthy cake to pair with your latte.

12. Yogurt and Fruit Parfaits

Some of the best brunch recipes are simple ones. For example, these yogurt and fruit parfaits requires only four ingredients: yogurt, berries, oats, and sugar. The real trick is in their layering. To create a beautifully plated brunch, you’ll want to stack everything in colorful, organized layers in clear glasses, repeating the layers as you climb to the top. This particular recipe calls for strawberries and blueberries as part of a Fourth of July theme, but you can and should swap out the fruit for whatever is fun, fresh, and seasonal in your area.

13. Mediterranean Zucchini Frittata

Made in 30 minutes or less, this zucchini frittata is sure to become your go-to brunch. It’s almost sinfully easy to prepare, but it has a certain je ne sais quoi that you can’t get from a regular omelette. The eggs and ricotta cheese will give it a smooth and creamy texture; the zucchini slices will make it healthy; the red pepper flakes will add a bit of a kick. Who’s feeling hungry?

14. Open-Faced Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos can add a little spice to your morning, but they can be high in calories as well, especially when you start piling on the toppings. An alternative is this open-faced breakfast burrito that’s less than 300 calories. You’ll enjoy the tastes of salsa, cheese, cilantro, black beans, and sour cream, but since it’s made in the microwave, it’ll be portion controlled and easy to clean up afterwards. In other words, it’s perfect for a guilt-free brunch.

15. Cherry Baked Oatmeal

You’re probably most familiar with instant oatmeal, but did you know that you can bake it as well? This recipe for cherry baked oatmeal pops everything into a pan and cooks it like a loaf of bread. Your entire home will fill with the aroma of cherries, maple syrup, cinnamon, cardamom, and chopped pecans. By the time that the oatmeal comes steaming out of the oven, you’ll find it difficult not to drool.

16. Croissants a L’orange

Made with orange zest, orange juice, and orange marmalade, it’s impossible to get more orange than croissants a l’orange. However, the final product won’t be overly sweet or tart. Its flavors are tempered by the buttery flakiness of the bread and the creamy texture of the whipped eggs and half-and-half. You can also add chopped almonds or another crunchy topping to give it additional bite.

17. Crepes With Blueberry Sauce and Honey Whipped Cream

Once you’ve mastered the art of crepes, you’ll never want to go back to boring old pancakes. They can be light and fluffy or thick and hearty, and they can be prepared in a dizzying number of ways. These blueberry crepes, for example, are filled with a zesty blueberry sauce mixed with sugar and lemon juice, and their whipped cream topping is dolloped out with a drizzle of honey. For extra pizzazz, fold them into triangles and serve them on small plates dusted with powdered sugar. You’ll have a cafe-style brunch right there at home!

These are just a few brunch recipes that you can make at home. Whether you’re looking for sweet, savory, or something in between, these brunch ideas are sure to balance your morning needs with your afternoon cravings.



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