Pie Recipes That Will Wow Your Guests

Posted: November 23, 2022 3:00 am

12 Pie Recipes You Must Try

If you’re struggling to find the perfect pie recipe to ease your cravings, here are some great recipes that can help. Of course, you can always add nuts, chocolate chips, or other things you like to make the recipe your own. However, these are highly rated pie recipes that are sure to please.

1. Caramel Apple Pecan Streusel Pie

It’s often been said that you eat with your eyes first, and when you put together this streusel masterpiece, you will understand the visual delights. The best thing about this apple caramel streusel pie is that it’s loaded to the brim with juicy apples. When you pair the apples with a homemade caramel sauce that melts in your mouth, you won’t be able to stop at just one slice.

The best apples to use are the green Granny Smith variety, which has a tangy nature that balances the sugar overload. Additionally, this buttery crust is rich and the perfect pairing to a pie that’s already heaven-sent. Sadly, this pie isn’t one you can get right from the oven and eat, as it will need time to sit. The only real problem is waiting to dive right into this culinary masterpiece.

2. Sour Cream Raisin Pie

You either love or hate raisins, as there seems to be no in-between. However, you can win over the masses when you toss them into grandma’s delicious sour cream pie.

Some people love adding pecans or walnuts to these pies to give them a kick to the next level. However, the rich custard-like pie with sweet, juicy raisins is perfect for any occasion.

3. My Grandma’s Shoofly Pie

Shoefly pie is a creation that comes from the Pennsylvania Dutch community. If you’ve had the pleasure of eating any of the Amish pies, you know that anything they make is absolutely delicious. Ironically, this was originally called “Centennial Cake”, as it was made for the 1876 World’s Fair over 146 years ago.

The pie should have been named after its main ingredient, molasses. This pie has no lid on top. Ironically, the name was changed because the open pie made it an attraction for flies, so the ladies were constantly shooing them away from their creations. It was designed to be eaten as a breakfast food, like a cinnamon roll or donut.

People today think of them as a dessert, but there’s nothing wrong with it if you want to have a piece for breakfast too. In fact, any time is the right time for a gigantic piece of pie.

4. Concord Grape Pie

Grape pie is a strange culinary delight as you use sour Concord grapes to make the best dessert. You sprinkle sugar over the top to give it the kick of sweetness you need. There are many recipes for these pies, but it’s always best to peel the skin off the grapes.

You might notice that it tastes like blueberry pie, but there’s a kick from the sour grapes that you can’t deny. You can guarantee that if you bring this pie to a holiday feast or celebration, no one else will bring anything like it. When you dare to be different in the cooking world, it can pay off royally.

5. Depression-Era Water Pie

There’s a lot of buzz about the water pie on the internet. It goes by many other names, including “desperation pie.” These recipes came from the Depression era when money was tight, and people needed to fill their sweet cravings.

It’s a foolproof recipe because it uses basic ingredients most people have on hand. Shockingly, the pie has a custard consistency when finished. If you’re a no-fuss cook, you will love that you can dump everything right in the crust and don’t even need to stir it.

6. Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie

While this ice cream pie is usually made in the summer months, ice cream enthusiasts agree that you can eat it any time of year. There’s something magical when you mix chocolate and mint, as it creates a flavor explosion in your mouth you can’t deny.

You can add some extras to this pie to take it up a notch. Some folks blend Andes Candies into the crust or the pie itself, and you can also use shavings from these famous chocolates as garnishment.

7. Creamy Two-Layer Pumpkin Pie

Some folks don’t like a traditional pumpkin pie, but when you add some cool whip and cream cheese to the mix, you’ll have to hide it to get any. This recipe is unique because it combines vanilla pudding and pumpkin to make a creamy dessert that’s hard to beat.

Since it’s a no-bake pie, you won’t need to work over a hot stove trying to cook dessert for your guests. It’s easy enough to whip up one anytime, and for any occasion. On second thought, you might want to make two because it’s just that good.

8. Salted Caramel Pecan Pie

Anything Paula Deen makes is tasty, but this pie shows why she deserves to be the leading chef in the industry. There’s something magical about pairing sea salt with caramel. It just creates fireworks in your mouth that makes you salivate for more.

Ironically, many people reach for more sugar to bring out the flavor in a dessert, but you will find that a pinch of salt can do it without all the calories. This salty/sweet combo is brought to life by the pecans and, of course, the big scoop of ice cream you plop on top. It’s one pie that your friends and family will beg you to bring to the next gathering.

9. Mom’s Chocolate Meringue Pie

Chocolate meringue has taken a backseat to lemon meringue pie in recent years, but plenty of enthusiasts still love this creamy wonder. If you want your pie to have a darker and richer chocolate flavor, try making the tablespoons of cocoa heaping rather than level. Can you ever go wrong with a bit more chocolate?

One reason why so many people avoid these pies is that they’re tricky to make. However, following the instructions carefully will create a masterpiece worthy of a blue ribbon. Cooking time is essential to ensure the pie sits up properly. You just can’t beat a big slice of a chocolate meringue pie.

10. Boston Cream Pie

Some folks might argue that the Boston cream pie is a cake, but who cares how you classify it because it’s absolutely delicious? The recipe originated in the New England area, and the rich chocolate ganache is what makes this pie irresistible for most people.

Another wonderful thing about this pie is that it’s easy to make and cost-effective. So, it’s a great go-to recipe if you need to serve a large crowd. If you find yourself constantly going for Boston cream donuts at your local bakery, you will love this amazing dessert.

11. Sweet Potato Pie

Some folks say sweet potato pie tastes like pumpkin, but the trained palette knows the difference. The irresistible buttery crust is the real winner here. Another odd variation is adding sour cream to the mix, but it works well as it makes the filling velvety smooth.

Sweet potato pie is a staple down south, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy it anywhere at any time. The brown sugar and spices take this pie to a whole other level and make it a culinary delight that anyone can enjoy.

12. Fruit Cake Pie

If you have nightmares of fruit cakes from Christmases past, don’t let those unpleasant thoughts ruin this pie for you. There are some great fruit cakes out there, and they can be amazing when you put them in pie form.

The great thing about this recipe is that it controls the spices well. Sadly, many people don’t truly know how to make these cakes as they tend to over spice them. It’s easier to make this in pie rather than cake form, and it’s perfect with a dollop of ice cream on top.

Get Ready to Bake!

There are so many pies and so little time. Which pie is calling you? Do you prefer chocolate, pumpkin, or a spicey fruit cake blend to serve to your family and friends? The wonderful thing about adding some good pies to your recipe portfolio is that you always know that you can whip something up that’s truly dazzling at a moment’s notice.

There’s no need to rush to a supermarket to buy something you can make for less and taste better at home. Now dust off that apron, grab a rolling pin, and preheat your oven, as it’s time to start baking.



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