Homemade Granola: Easy, Satisfying, and Delicious!

Posted: October 9, 2022 3:00 am

Busy and on the run? Granola is a satisfying, nutritious, and portable healthy snack option to grab when you’re on the go, go, go. Eating as a breakfast food may be most familiar, but granola works as an all-day snack. Granola rocks as a nutritious dessert topping on warm fruit or frozen yogurt, too! The benefit of making homemade granola recipes is that you are in control. You have the power to customize your oat-based granola recipe. You can make it healthier. Forget processed sugar… change your mix-ins to add more protein and healthier fats. Catering your recipe to your own taste is an easy way to fuel your body with one delicious concoction. Read on for more homemade granola recipes and make some a.s.a.p. Your health will thank you!

No Bake Peanut Butter Granola

For granola to stick together and not be a crumbly crumb fest, peanut butter and honey do the trick in this recipe! Actually, any nut butter will do, which lends to this recipe being easy to customize. Try almond butter or cashew butter and see which you like better! Fiber gets upped with the addition of flaxseed meal and chia seeds alongside the rolled oats, so this kid-friendly granola will have sneaky nutritional benefits that will go undetected. Try the dark chocolate drizzle as recommended for a dessert-like treat topper.

Pioneer Woman Granola Bars

The Pioneer Woman toasts her oats (Makes a difference; she shows you how!) This homemade granola recipe also uses molasses as a sticking agent which has a pleasant and earthy aroma. Finally, the secret crunch ingredient in this recipe: Puffed rice cereal. Cut into bars or bites; it won’t last long.

Tropical Fruit Granola Bars


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Bring a little bit of Hawaii to your homemade granola bites! This recipe hits all the Hawaiian high notes with pineapple, coconut, and macadamia nuts. A food processor helps bring it all together in no time, so you’ll have this quick go-to ready in 30 minutes or less. This snack tastes like a vacation in paradise.

Gingerbread Granola

Since granola freezes really well, you can use this recipe to pre-make multiple batches for homemade granola holiday gifts. Put in a cute little jar with a gingham fabric ribbon and print the recipe for your gift receiver. The dried cranberries and candied ginger are surprised ingredients that really make it sing “holiday!” Of course, it is great year-round to have in your rotation, too.

Sweet and Simple Granola

Try this if you like crunchy granola over “gummy” stickier varieties.
If you like it chunky, just don’t stir it as much. If you like it looser (maybe to top Greek Yogurt and fruit with?) stir till the chunks are broken up. Try swapping the brown sugar for coconut sugar and see how you like that change. This recipe is great for a starter recipe!

Indian Spiced Savory Granola

You definitely do not want to pour milk on this and yum it up for breakfast like cereal…this homemade granola recipe is more for a savory snack on the go, or on top of your avocado toast! If you want some crunch, bursting with the flavors of India, you must try this addictive snack.

Hafraklattar (Icelandic-style Granola “Bars”)

This Icelandic take is almost cookie-like in its texture and appearance. Cookies for breakfast? Sign me up! This version cuts down on the butter by substituting applesauce. Oat flour and rice flour are a perfect pair in this health-conscious recipe.

Coconut Cranberry Chia Seed Granola

You’ve heard that chia seeds are a superfood? This granola will help you get your superfood on! Packed with fiber and antioxidants, this healthy version combines fruit, nuts, and seeds with coconut oil to make a healthy nine-cup batch of goodness that won’t last for long.

Chunky Banana Bread Granola

Buckwheat groats and maple syrup are the dynamic duos in this homemade granola recipe.
The flavor profile is different yet familiar and it’s easy to throw together. This foolproof cooking experience can be paired with chocolate almond milk that has been blended with Medjool dates for a fun and funky snack.

Healthy breakfast on the kitchen table

Peach Cobbler Granola

What do you get when you combine a favorite Southern dessert with ingredients for a healthy batch of fresh granola? The answer is a healthy gluten-free breakfast that is like having dessert for breakfast! The peach puree is the key to this can’t-stop-noshing snack.

Nutella Granola

For that hazelnut punch, this homemade granola recipe combines hazelnuts with oats and chocolate chips. The secret to making chunky granola bites of this addicting snack is pressing it firmly into the pan, not stirring it while it’s baking, and letting it cool completely before breaking it up into pieces.

Wild Violet Granola

What a lovely idea to whip up a batch of simple granola infused with violet syrup and violet sugar. If you’ve not made anything with edible flowers before, this recipe will have you so intrigued to try it just for the pretty look of it all. Jarring it as a gift is another thought.

Homemade granola is simply a must-try! With endless mix-in combos, you will not be bored experimenting in the kitchen. When compared to the store-bought version, you will taste a notable difference in a more satisfying texture and greater complexity of flavors in your homemade version. Your house will smell d-i-v-i-n-e-l-y as your handcrafted batch bakes. Once you’ve been empowered by your first batch, you have no reason to return to the inferior store-bought granola ever again. No matter what you put your homemade granola recipe on, it’s a delicious way to start your day or end your evening!


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