Healthy and Delicious Non-Dairy Ice Cream Recipes for the Whole Family

Posted: September 13, 2022 3:00 am

Summer is winding down, but it is not too late to enjoy some ice cream! People love to have some frozen treats after their meals. However, most commercial ice cream shops have limited options for those who want to exclude dairy from their diet. That is why making your own non-dairy ice cream is a great option. It is healthy, delicious, much more affordable, and won’t compromise on taste. All you need to do is follow your desired recipe and freeze your ingredients into a scoop of heavenly bliss. Here are some easy recipes you can dig into in the upcoming days.

Coconut Ice Cream

If you are a coconut lover, this is the recipe for you. Coconut ice cream is unbeatable due to its delicious flavor and smooth texture. You will love this exquisite coconut ice cream recipe because of its simplicity and the fact that only five ingredients are enough to prepare this dairy-free ice cream. Additionally, you do not have to worry if you do not own an ice cream maker because you can still use a high-speed blender. There is nothing better than the coconutty goodness of this frozen dessert when accompanied by other toppings of your choice, such as fresh berries, nuts, and chocolate chips.

Strawberry Macadamia Ice Cream

The resulting taste from the combination of strawberries and macadamia nuts is beyond comparison. The resulting ice cream flavor of these two fruits is scrumptious enough to make you look forward to its refreshing scoop every day. Strawberry macadamia ice cream is as good as it gets. It’s crunchy, indulgent, and delicious.


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The best part? It’s much healthier than the store-bought ones because it is rich in monounsaturated fats, which help prevent heart diseases and other health problems. Whether you are feeding your kids, your family members or friends, this creamy delight will surely meet everyone’s expectations.

Avocado Ice Cream

If you are a lover of fruity ice cream, avocado ice cream is the ultimate frozen dessert for you. This ice cream will help you satisfy your craving without putting a lot of effort into preparing the perfect dessert. Additionally, it is low on sugar and packed with some protein and vitamins, so you can feel good about eating this viral recipe as much as you can without worrying about health problems. In addition, many people find it irresistible because it is satisfying and perfect for parties and special occasions.

It takes only 20-25 minutes to make this frozen dessert. But why is non-dairy avocado ice cream the best ice cream choice? You can have lots of fun preparing this dessert by adding your preferred flavors. Adding peppermint extract to avocado ice cream is recommended to make it even more divine.

Crunchy and Delicious Peanut Butter and Banana Ice Cream

Eating plain bananas can be boring sometimes, especially on warm days. That is why making peanut butter and banana ice cream can be the best way to satiate your summer cravings while still eating nutritiously. If you have a bucket list for all the homemade desserts you want to try, put this on the top of the list.

This dreamy treat is made with simple yet effective ingredients and creates an irresistible ice cream flavor. The natural sweetness that comes from peanut butter and banana ice cream is incomparable.

Pineapple Ice Cream

Pineapples are known for their amazing taste, which comes from their great mix of enzymes and polyphenols. That is probably why many people incorporate it in most foods like pizza. There is no denying that pineapple pizza is great, but wait until you taste pineapple ice cream. This sweet and tangy dessert will leave your home with a fantastic smell and your taste buds feeling amazing.

Adding a little coconut milk to the pineapple ice cream recipe makes this ice cream even tastier. Coconut milk helps give your pineapple ice cream a sweet and creamy taste that will leave you craving for more!

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

How can anyone resist the heavenly taste of chocolate? Chocolate ice cream is rich, creamy, and highly delicious, depending on the type of chocolate you use when preparing it. Tasting it is a different experience every time. The sweet and inviting taste of chocolate is hard to match, but this dairy-free treat will tick every chocolate ice cream lover’s box.

Chocolate ice cream is a refreshing treat that is perfect for a warm day whenever you want to get a little sinful, especially if you are on a diet. You can get the perfect consistency and flavor by following this chocolate ice cream recipe. Always use quality ingredients to give yourself the most delicious dessert ever!

Pistachio Ice Cream

If you love pistachios, you will not want to miss out on this tasty ice cream recipe in your summer diet options. Pistachio ice cream is packed with healthy fats to keep your skin glowing and your stomach happy. Its distinctive green color and taste will surely blow you away!

You can eat this delicious summer treat as a snack or dessert. The best part about this recipe is that you can use nut milk or coconut milk for an awesome pistachio ice cream. You can also add nuts such as peanuts or cashews to make this recipe crunchier and more delicious.

Lemon Ice Cream

Are you tired of the ordinary lemon ice cream flavor? Try this recipe and make your lemon ice cream experience a new one. This dairy-free ice cream has a little tangy lemon that you can savor every time you eat your ice cream. Lemon does not mix well with dairy milk, but combines well with coconut milk and honey.

This lemon ice cream makes it an ideal option for most people. You can always add some lemon zest to it for a sensational extra flavor. Other natural sweeteners can also be an amazing addition to this fruit ice cream.

Basil Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Have you ever wondered if you can use herbs as flavor ingredients to make delicious and sweet ice cream flavors? Basil chocolate chip ice cream is a good example of an ice cream flavor that is prepared with herbal ingredients. The basil flavor is a suitable herbal ice cream ingredient because it is not too strong.

You can replace chocolate chips with other healthy fruits or nuts. The trick is to add the basil leaves to the ice cream mix at the last minute of whipping to preserve the aromatic flavor of the basil. This non-dairy ice cream is ridiculously delicious and will surely become one of your favorites.

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

If you want to save on your expenses and make use of already available fruits in your refrigerator, this is the right recipe for you. The blend of banana and strawberry creates a delightful treat that your taste buds will never forget. This fruit ice cream is the ultimate upgrade for any banana ice cream ever made! What makes it even more delicious is the fact that it is homemade.

You only require three ingredients when preparing your strawberry banana ice cream. The secret behind this recipe is the creamy coconut milk. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can add coconut flakes or nuts as the topping.

Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream is usually the first option that comes to mind for most ice cream lovers looking for a sweet frozen dessert. Luckily, you can skip the ice cream maker for this recipe. This vegan ice cream recipe is mind-blowing because of its paleo and unique ingredients. Paleo vanilla ice cream is the best choice if you want to stick to simple, natural ingredients yet still want to taste something scrumptious. If you are new to making ice cream, this should be the first recipe to try!

Biscoff Ice Cream

Making this special treat is a great way of bringing the flavors of Biscoff cookies to your home. Many people may not be aware that Biscoff cookies are dairy free.

Honey or maple syrup infuses Biscoff ice cream with pure decadence. It is also a healthy treat, as it does not contain refined sugar.

You may be among the people who hardly make homemade ice cream. It might be easier to grab the ice cream of your choice from the supermarket, but making your own ice cream is more fulfilling! Most ice cream ingredients are simple and not difficult to find. In addition, many ice cream recipes do not actually acquire special equipment. Take advantage of these simple ice cream recipes that will change your life forever.


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