Flavorful Stews To Enjoy During Your Christmas Celebrations

Posted: December 7, 2021 2:40 pm

A stew is a delicious and hearty dish that can be perfect for warming up your palate on a cold winter day. There are many different kinds of stews, but they share one common characteristic: they are made by cooking meat and vegetables in a broth or gravy. Stews are ideal for feeding a large crowd, and they can also be cooked in advance and reheated when needed. If you’re looking for something special to add to your Christmas menu, why not try one of these mouth-watering stews?

1. Beef Stew

This classic dish is always a hit with hungry diners. The beef is simmered in a rich broth until it’s fork-tender and then served alongside mushrooms, carrots, and potatoes. If you like, add a dash of Worcestershire sauce to give the dish an extra kick.

2. Chicken Stew


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This recipe is made with chicken breast pieces, cannellini beans, and sweet potatoes to provide your guests with protein and carbohydrates at the same time. Garlic, cumin, and chili powder add flavor, while turmeric provides a splash of color. The result is a hearty stew that can be served over couscous for a complete meal.

3. Vegetable Stew

This vegetarian-friendly recipe will have even ardent meat-eaters coming back for seconds! In addition to the vegetables listed in the ingredients list, you might try adding eggplant or zucchini if you have some on hand. Chickpeas add a boost of protein, and a tablespoon of honey adds a touch of sweetness.

4. Irish Stew

This traditional recipe is made with lamb shoulder and vegetables such as potatoes, onions, and parsnips. It’s flavored with garlic, fresh thyme, and rosemary for an earthy taste that’s perfect for the holidays. As an alternative to lamb shoulder, you can also try using beef or chicken if you prefer not to eat meat. Serve alongside some buttered bread to sop up all that delicious broth!

5. Fish Stew

Fish stew is ideal for cooks who like to experiment in the kitchen! Plus, it makes a nice change from all those meat dishes. The best thing about fish stew is that you can use whatever fish you have on hand – even leftovers from last night’s dinner. All you need to do is cube the fish and add it to a mixture of veggies such as mushroom, onion, garlic, and parsley for a flavorful stew that’s ready in under an hour.

6. Curried Stew

With a name like “curried” stew, how can you not want to try this out? It might be the perfect way to introduce your family members who aren’t quite sure about spicy food yet! This recipe uses chicken legs or thighs with potatoes, onions, peppers, and lots of curry powder, plus some coconut milk for added creaminess. You’ll enjoy its rich flavors, whether over rice or quinoa.

7. Lamb Stew

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, why not try this recipe for lamb stew? It’s made with diced lamb shoulder, pearl onions, and baby carrots in a red wine sauce. The result is an elegant dish perfect for a special occasion such as a Christmas dinner. Serve with some crusty bread on the side for dipping.

8. Thai Beef Stew

This exotic-tasting beef stew will transport your taste buds to the Far East! It’s made with flank steak, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and fresh ginger in a fragrant broth flavored with lemongrass and fish sauce. Lime wedges are served on the side to allow guests to add extra acidity as desired. If you’re looking for a change from the usual Christmas fair, this Thai beef stew is worth trying!

9. Pork Stew

This hearty pork stew is made with rich gravy smoked pork shoulder, bacon, and onion. Serve it over mashed potatoes or egg noodles for a comforting meal that will warm you up from the inside out on a cold winter night.

10. Spanish Stew

This recipe takes its inspiration from traditional Spanish cuisine, with flavors of paprika, cumin, and garlic coming through loud and clear. It’s made with chicken thighs, chorizo sausage, roasted red pepper, and white beans for a dish that’s sure to please everyone at your holiday table. Top with some shredded cheese and serve with a side of crusty bread for mopping up all that delicious sauce.

11. Beef Stew with Stout

This beef stew gets its deep, rich flavor from stout beer – perfect for warming you up on a cold winter night. The recipe calls for chuck roast, which is slow-cooked until fall-apart tender. Serve with some creamy mashed potatoes or egg noodles for a hearty meal that will leave you feeling satisfied.

12. Italian Sausage Stew

If you’re looking for a comforting dish that’ll remind you of your grandmother’s cooking, this Italian sausage stew is the recipe for you! It’s made with sweet Italian sausage, onion, celery, and tomatoes in a thick and flavorful sauce. Serve over some cooked pasta or polenta for a soul-satisfying meal.

13. Beef Stew with Parsnips

Love parsnips? Then you’ll love this beef stew recipe, which calls for two pounds of them cooked right into the dish. You can even puree it if you like so that there are no crunchy bits to give away what’s hiding in your bowl! Add some diced carrots and potatoes to bulk up this simple stew even more. Plus, you can always add your choice of greens or peas depending on whether everyone at the table likes their veggies included or left out.

14. Cowboy Stew

If you’re looking for something hearty and filling, look no further than cowboy stew! It’s made with ground beef, onion, garlic, taco seasoning mix, and canned tomatoes – just like traditional beef chili, but served in a stew-like format. Serve with some tortilla chips on the side for dipping, and you’ll be in cowboy heaven.

15. Lobster Stew

If you’re feeling decadent this Christmas, why not try out this lobster stew recipe? It’s made with Claw or Tail lobster meat, potatoes, carrots, and celery in a creamy white wine sauce. The result is an elegant dish that will impress your guests – and it’s sure to be a talking point too! So go ahead and indulge this holiday season with this luxurious lobster stew.

16. Lamb Stew with Apricots

This lamb stew is a real show-stopper, thanks to the inclusion of apricots in the recipe. Not only does it add a touch of sweetness, but its orange color also looks beautiful against the deep red of the lamb. Other ingredients include onion, garlic, tomato paste, and chicken stock for a rich and flavorful stew. Serve with some couscous or rice on the side for a complete meal.

17. Butternut Squash Stew

If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly stew that will still please meat-eaters, too, look no further than this butternut squash stew! It’s made with onion, garlic, celery, and carrot in a fragrant broth, and it’s full of sweet butternut squash goodness. It can be garnished with chopped fresh parsley or thyme to add a little color and extra flavor – and don’t forget the side of crusty bread!

18. Polish Stew

If you’re hosting a dinner party this year and want to impress your guests, this hearty beef stew is just the ticket! It’s made with lean beef chunks in a thick sauce that gets its distinct flavor from tomatoes, lemon juice, raisins, and prunes. Serve over some mashed potatoes for a filling meal to please everyone at the table.

19. French Lamb Stew

Now here’s an elegant dish that’s perfect if you want to class things up for Christmas – French lamb stew! It’s made with lamb shoulder, onion, garlic, white wine, and beef stock for a rich and flavorful stew. The result is an elegant dish perfect for a special occasion. Serve with some creamy mashed potatoes and a side of green beans for a complete meal.

20. Puerto Rican Stewed Beef

This beef stew is infused with the flavors of Puerto Rico, thanks to the inclusion of sofrito – a mix of herbs and spices that’s popular in Caribbean cooking. It’s made with beef chuck roast, onion, garlic, diced tomatoes, and red kidney beans, and it’s served over white rice. So if you’re looking for something a little different this Christmas, give this Puerto Rican beef stew a try!

In conclusion, there are plenty of delicious and varied stew recipes that can add flavor to your Christmas celebrations. Whether you’re looking for something simple and hearty or something a little more elegant and sophisticated, there’s sure to be a stew recipe that’s perfect for you. So why not give them all a try? You may find a new favorite!



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