Fire up the Grill for National Burger Day on May 28

Posted: May 29, 2022 1:02 am

As grilling season fires up this year, wow your guests with some spectacular hamburger recipes that everyone will love. We’ve found some of our favorites from the classics to the unique to the totally veggie burgers that are destined to be some of the tastiest patties you grill up this season. Celebrate National Burger Day with us and get ready to delight your tastebuds with some unique and delicious recipes perfect to try out right now.

Asian Barbeque Burger

This unique recipe combines the Asian flavors we love with the grilling ease of a hamburger. With soy, toasted sesame and ginger laying the groundwork, these spicy burgers deliver the heat with the addition of hoisin and Siracha sauce along with some red pepper flakes. Take the heat up or down based on your tastes and dress up the finished patties with your favorite toppers like cheese and veggies.

Black Bean Burger

For a high-protein, no meat hamburger, this juicy Black Bean Burger is just what you want to grill up this year. Beans, oats, onion and shaved carrots provide the framework for this veggie burger option but it is bursting with rich flavors with additions of garlic, cumin, coriander and soy sauce. This burger will delight your vegan and vegetarian diners but your meat-eaters will love it, too.

Buddha Burger

For a lighter, juicy hamburger try the turkey Buddha Burger infused with rich spices. Surprising seasonings like cumin, curry and ginger mingle with soy sauce and cilantro for a flavor explosion in this soon-to-be new favorite burger recipe. Garnish with peppers and bean sprouts alongside your other favorite toppers for a tasty burger you will want to keep on your menu rotation this grilling season.

Butter Burger

A pat of butter is delicious on a steak, so why not put it on a burger? This classic recipe creates the juiciest, moistest burger you will ever taste, all thanks to the pat of butter hidden away inside the meat before forming the patty. Use the seasonings you love along with the hidden chilled butter for the best result on this simple but excellent burger recipe.

Cajun-Spiced Burger

Rich, spicy Cajun flavors take center stage with this Cajun-Spiced Burger recipe. To replicate this mouthwatering hamburger, cooks will also char the veggies that go with it once they are slathered with a quick remoulade, adding to the already unmistakable Cajun flavors. This hamburger goes great with Cajun-seasoned French fries or even some hushpuppies if you have them.

Chorizo Burger

Any hamburger recipe that calls for bacon and cilantro mayo like this recipe does is destined to be a family favorite someday. This Chorizo Burger can also be griddled up in an iron skillet, perfect for days when you don’t want to fire up the grill. Served with a sunny-side-up egg and hot sauce to taste, this burger made with a combo of ground chuck and chorizo is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Cuban-Style Pork Burger

This Cuban-inspired option combines pork and chorizo along with breadcrumbs and eggs and spices to form the patty for this recipe. Topped with shoestring potatoes and a flavorful dressing, this Cuban-style hamburger’s zingy flavors are destined to make it one of the regulars in your burger-flipping rotation this season.

Garlic & Onion Burger

Smokey Worcestershire sauce and Italian seasonings give this rich hamburger recipe its punches of flavor. Grilled up with burger basics like garlic and pepper, traditionalists will love the Garlic & Onion burger because it tastes just like a backyard burger is supposed to taste, only better.

Greek Turkey Burger

Classic Greek flavors meld together in this non-traditional turkey recipe. But you won’t mind because the end result makes you feel like you are overlooking the turquoise waters of a stunning Mediterranean hideaway, feasting on a Greek meal to remember. Studded with Feta cheese and kalamata olives, this hamburger is served on pita bread along with hummus for dipping. Perfect for a lighter, Mediterranean diet, this recipe can also be easily enjoyed as a gluten-free meal as well.

Hawaiian Loco Moco Burger

If you are dreaming of the islands, this Hawaiian Loco Moco Burger is just what you need to bring a little taste of the tropical paradise to your grill. Smothered in a quick gravy made with teriyaki sauce, mushrooms and broth and topped with an egg, this recipe is reminiscent of the Hawaiian favorite dish Loco Moco which is served over rice. Paired with your own pasta salad and pickles, this unique burger recipe is perfect to whip up when you want to feel like you just stopped for a snack on the Big Island.

Jalapeño Cheddar Stuffed Burger with Chipotle Guacamole

This stuffed patty recipe is sure to be a favorite for anyone who loves the heat. Hidden jalapenos pair with a rich, peppery guacamole topping to give you a flavorful entrée that spice-lovers will ask for over and over. Be sure to make a little extra of the guac for dipping while you are waiting for the grill to do its thing since tortilla chips and guacamole are good for the soul (and tastebuds) any day of the week.

Lamb Burger with Tzatziki

For a fresh-tasting hamburger with a savory-sweet topper, you will love the Lamb Burger with Tzatziki sauce. The lighter flavor of the lamb is complemented by the Mediterranean herbs that add a nice zing to the meat. Serve it up on a traditional bun with all the fixings or even serve it on pita bread for a more authentic option. This hamburger goes great with wedge fries seasoned with the same herbs in the patties.

Louisiana Burger

Culinary master Bobby Flay dreamed up this Cajun dish that is heavy on spice but not too hot to be delicious. Plenty of rich seasonings like sweet paprika and cayenne pepper give the Louisiana Burger some kick but once the patties are charred nicely and have formed a gorgeous crust, they are swathed in a yummy mayo that has been combined with fresh onions, herbs, mustard and hot sauce. Dolloped on top of the patty, this recipe adds a surprising topper: a thin slice of Tasso ham. Along with the peppery cheese, this savory addition helps this hamburger recipe stand out from all the others and it just may become your new favorite dish this season.

Minnesota’s Famous Juicy Lucy

Our northern friends in the North Star State of Minnesota love the Juicy Lucy but everyone that gets a taste of these patties fresh off the grill fall in love with them, too. The patties are not seasoned with more than just three simple ingredients but the secret lies inside the patties themselves. Before grilling they are stuffed with chunks of cheddar cheese that melt and add an intense flavor punch to the finished patties when you bite into them. We can see why they are called Famous because these patties are ready to bite right off of the flames.

Pizza Burger

When you want the taste of Italy but the feel of a hamburger sounds good, try this Pizza Burger recipe this National Hamburger Day. Instead of traditional patties, it is made with ground beef combined with your favorite pizza toppings like pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and Italian seasonings. Placed on a bun and baked until the cheese is melty and delicious, this Pizza Burger satisfies two cravings in one without heating up the grill.

Quinoa Burger

Packed with protein, these veggie patties made with quinoa, beets, butternut squash and carrots are so tasty even the meat-lovers will love them, too. The veggies are tossed in seasonings and roasted to bring out the rich flavors before being added ensuring a scrumptious tasting patty. Topping this veggie burger is a cool avocado and sour cream sauce which perfectly complements the roasted veggie patties and a toasted bun that it is served on. These patties can be made a few days ahead of time so when you are ready to fire up the grill (or the skillet) you don’t have to wait for the vegetables to roast first.

Shrimp Burger with Old Bay Mayo

When seafood is on the menu, try this light and luscious Shrimp Burger that is finished off with a mayonnaise dressed up with the traditional seafood seasoning Old Bay. Making the patties is a two-step process that requires a little bit of time to prep the shrimp in two different ways but the result is a juicy, flavorful seafood patty that is the perfect warm-weather twist on a backyard grill favorite. Plate the burgers with avocado, lettuce and tomato for a great new hamburger option you are sure to enjoy.

Sweet & Tangy Chicken Burger

Surprising seasonings like cinnamon and coriander star in this chicken burger recipe. Pomegranate molasses keeps the burgers moist on the grill while the addition of cucumber slices on the finished patties creates a fun crunch along with this mouthwatering meal.

Taco Burger

Famed chef Giada de Laurentis’s recipe combines the south of the border flavors with a juicy hamburger. Cumin and smoked paprika give the patties intense flavor while a light drizzle of olive oil ensures they are tender and juicy all the way to your plate. Toppings include sour cream and cheddar cheese and jalapenos give this recipe a bright, spicy note that will remind you of their tasty taco namesake.

Truffle Burger

This hamburger resonates with the deep flavors of truffle oil, tawny port and garlic that make up the glaze that is poured over the finished patties. The patties themselves are fashioned with unseasoned ground beef but truffle cheese is melted on them before leaving the griddle. Once ensconced in their pillowy brioche bun and glazed, a truffle aioli sauce is then poured atop the concoction to create an unforgettable burger experience straight from the menu of the popular gourmet restaurant Umami Burger.



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