Easy Allergy-Friendly Meals You Can Prepare for Kiddo’s Attending School

Posted: September 11, 2022 9:56 pm

Have you ever dealt with food allergies? Then you understand how hectic it can be to deal with allergies, especially during snack time. You may encounter some challenges when packing lunch for your kids as a parent. Fortunately, some lunchbox ideas are allergic-friendly and can be used as school lunch for your kids.

Even when your family doesn’t have allergies, the school your kids, attend can limit certain food types since there is a need to protect the other kids. If the diet dos and don’ts prove to be challenging when it comes to lunch ideas, you shouldn’t lose hope. You can try out numerous options regardless of the food restrictions that have been put in place.

The following are allergy-friendly school lunchbox ideas.

  1. Chopped Greek Salad

You may ask yourself, will your kids resonate with the idea of taking salad for lunch? The answer is yes! The main aversion when it comes to salad always revolves around the leafy greens; however, a chopped salad is preferable, and you can include some of the foods that your kids enjoy. For instance, cut up the vegetables that our kids usually enjoy and toss some vinegar and oil or any other form of dressing. Some common vegetables kids enjoy include cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. You can combine each of these vegetables and come up with a Greek salad.

You can add some olives if you want a salty bite. Also, you can add some canned chickpeas and rinse them. Chickpeas are a source of extra protein. For a Mediterranean vibe, you can add organic dried apricots. Kids enjoy apricots since they’re soft, chewy, and sweet, and there are no additives. Fresh fruits always go well with any balanced lunch; your kids won’t mind the apricots since they will serve as dessert.

  1. Deconstructed Stuffed Pepper Bowls

This lunchbox idea is family-friendly and gluten-free, so there is no need to worry about allergic reactions. The meal is also easy to prepare and also devour. The combo comprises bell peppers and lean beef, so your kids will get a significant amount of iron and anti-oxidants. If your kids are vegetarians, why not opt for this combo?

  1. Apple & Sunflower Seed Butter Sandwich and Granola

Are you a fan of gluten-free bread? Then you’ll like this combo. There is the need to think beyond a normal sandwich. Here, you’ll use sliced apples instead of bread and pair them with sunflower seed butter and Granola. The meal is healthy and will fuel your kid throughout the afternoon.

One of the reasons why you should pick this sandwich alternative is because it has more veggies and fruits. Also, there is no added sugar.

  1. Chicken Salad in a Pita

Chicken salad is a suitable option; you can use leftover chicken and vegan mayonnaise. You can pack the chicken with tortilla chips if you don’t have a pita.

  1. Creamy Tomato Gluten Free Penne Pasta

Gluten-free pasta with creamy tomato sauce will be ready in a few minutes. The meal is delicious, and it is dairy-free. The vegetarian pasta is also protein-packed, and it has a healthy amount of iron that is plant-based. You should consider adding this meal to your allergy-friendly lunchbox.

  1. Pasta Salad

There is no need to add pasta to mayonnaise since this is a whole meal and contains a lot of flavor in each bite you take. The pasta can be made free of peanuts, milk, fish, gluten, and wheat. Start by packing the croutons and lettuce to ensure they won’t become soggy. Mix them all before you start eating.

Pack the pasta salad with cinnamon, sugar apple slices, or carrot sticks.

  1. Snappy Instant Pot Lentil Gumbo

This is a recipe for vegans, and it is easy to prepare. The meal is flavorful, and if there are any leftovers, they can be served for lunch. The meal is rich in plant-based proteins with additional lentils, which means you’ll feel nourished after you’re done.

  1. Bagel with Cream Cheese

Bagel with cream cheese is a staple food for kids. The meal ensures your kids will get protein, whole grains, and fiber, which usually beats the traditional bagel.

You can top it up with some veggie cream cheese to ensure the lunch your kids will consume tastes even better. If you prefer, you can ensure the meal is dairy-free using non-dairy cheese. If the school your kids attend allows sesame seeds, you can consider hummus since it is a suitable alternative to cheese. For non-vegans, you can add bacon and tomatoes for a rich flavor.

  1. Banana Bread With a Cream Cheese Sandwich

You can toast the bread for a few minutes and ensure the cream cheese isn’t so cold that you can spread it. You can cut the sandwich into some fun shapes using a cookie cutter.

  1. Spiralized Sweet Potato Casserole

This is a home-cooked comfort dish, and it is grain and gluten-free. It also takes less time to prepare. It is veggie packed and protein-rich, so your kids will enjoy it.

  1. Turkey Roll-Ups and Toast Points

Presentation matters when packing school lunch for your kids. The main focus is on keeping everything interesting. If your kids love assembling things independently, you can pack some toast points and plain roasted turkey instead of making the sandwich yourself. By doing so, the bread will become more delicious. You can add some creamy cheese if need be.

  1. Veggie Egg Bites

Is your child allergic to eggs? If not, you can prepare some veggie egg bites for them. The meal contains whole protein, and it’s safe for school-going children. Regardless of whether you enjoy packing some hard-boiled eggs for your kids, there is the need to change things up, which is why we’re recommending veggie egg bites.

You can whisk up to four eggs and add some milk; it may be dairy or non-dairy, depending on the allergies you’re concerned about. If your kids can eat anything, this meal can accommodate their allergy-friendly school lunchbox. You should use rice milk for kids allergic to milk, soy, and nuts. You’ll then add pepper, salt, and chopped veggies.

Final Thoughts

We have listed different school lunchbox ideas above if you were wondering what you should prepare for your kids with allergies. You can try out these lunchbox ideas, and your kids will enjoy their packed lunch at school even more. We have also included links to the recipes, so you’ll have an easy time preparing each of these allergy-friendly lunchbox ideas.



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