23 Homemade Pizzas Everyone Will Love

Posted: February 17, 2021 5:16 pm

Gooey, melted layers of cheese. Rich, flavorful marinara sauce. Luscious, spicy pepperoni. Are you on the hunt for the best homemade pizza? Your search is over, because we have curated a collection of X delicious homemade pizza recipes for you that will satisfy that savory pie craving and fill your tummy with Italian goodness! From traditional pepperoni and cheese and margherita, to gluten free and gourmet, have we got the recipe collection for you. For easy pizza recipes and tutorials on how to make homemade pizza, there’s something here for everyone. Easy or complex, indulgent or health-conscious, meat lovers or vegetarian: it’s all here. Browse our collection to discover pizza recipes everyone will love.

Get the Ball Rolling

Roll up those sleeves and dust your countertops with flour, because we’re about to get the ball rolling. The ball of homemade pizza dough, that is. The most important part of learning how to make pizza is learning how to make the dough. Here you’ll find three different pizza dough recipes to get you started.

1. Tasty.co Fast & Easy Pizza Dough
Here’s an easy dough recipe by Brenda Blanco of the Tasty Team. Tasty.co reports that 97% of reviewers would make this recipe a second time. With only 10 minutes to prep and 15 minutes to bake, this dough is ready for toppings in no time. As a bonus, the recipe page includes tons of useful tips from other Tasty users.

2. Joy Food Sunshine Versatile Dough
This dough recipe offers major benefits: it’s fast, it’s easy and it’s versatile. With no rising time required, this dough is ready in 30 minutes, tops. Bonus gluten free and vegan variations make it the perfect go-to recipe, no matter who’s coming for dinner.

3. Everyday Food Basic Pizza Dough
When it comes to easy pizza recipes, you really can’t beat this basic dough recipe from the Everyday Food show on PBS. This one takes a little longer to make, but it’s also got a bonus ingredient: just a little bit of cornmeal adds depth to the crust’s flavor.

All of three of these dough recipes can be used for nearly endless varieties of pizza styles and flavors. Simply spread them with your favorite sauce and layer on the toppings.

Start With the Basics

Now that you’ve had a chance to play around with dough, why not try a recipe that details all the toppings for you too? All of these homemade pizza recipes are easy to make as-is, but also versatile enough to allow experimentation.

1. Easy Taste of Home Pizza
For this Taste of Home recipe, you probably already have most of the pantry and freezer staples ready to go. Simple ingredients like ground beef, onions, and jarred tomato sauce make this one really quick and easy.

2. Martha Stewart’s Basic Pizza
A self-proclaimed “foolproof recipe,” this Martha Stewart basic pizza is a great option if you’ve never tried making homemade pizza before. Chunky tomato sauce adds extra texture and flavor.

3. Pizza by Indian Healthy Recipes
While pizza is an Italian food, this Indian recipe takes pizza making to the next level with step by step instructions for both homemade dough and sauce. This recipe even includes a video.

From the Mother Country

Who wants plain cheese pizza? If you think the margherita is plain, you might be surprised to learn that its origins hail a lot closer to the original pizzas of Italy than almost any other pizza we eat these days.

1. Margherita Pizza by A Beautiful Plate
Try your hand at traditional Italian pizza with this delicious recipe featuring olive oil, fresh garlic and San Marzano tomatoes.

2. Indulgent Margherita from Food & Wine
This margherita pizza recipe uses two pounds of fresh mozzarella cheese for a truly indulgent pie. Fresh basil leaves add a fresh, contrasting flavor.

Savor the Flavor

Keeping with tradition, who doesn’t love pepperoni and cheese? Or, how about some ham and pineapple? We knew you were waiting for these all-American, meat topped versions of Italy’s most famous comfort food.

1. Cooking Classy’s Pepperoni Pizza
This recipe includes instructions for dough, sauce and toppings. With flavorful garlic and fresh oregano, it’s an all around flavor-packed pie.

2. Pepperoni Pizza by Tastes Better From Scratch
More pepperoni, coming right up. Try this recipe from Tastes Better From Scratch and you’ll get a traditional recipe, plus instructions for freezing pizza dough and bonus topping suggestions.

3. Food Network’s Ham & Pineapple
With options for homemade or store bought sauce, this ham and pineapple pizza recipe by Giada de Laurentiis couldn’t be easier to master. Don’t want pineapple? Leave it off, but this recipe is still worth it!

4. Taco Pizza by Show Me the Yummy
For a culture combo your taste buds will love, you have to try this taco pizza featuring homemade sauce with refried beans. Show Me the Yummy really brings this one home with unconventional ingredients like taco flavored Doritos, Colby Jack cheese and taco sauce. Who’s ready for Mexitalian?

Let’s Get Fancy

Okay, you’ve tried the easy ones, and you’re not into the usual? Let’s get fancy with some gourmet recipes.

1. Seasons and Suppers Gourmet Pizza
It’s going to take me how long? Yes, this recipe requires overnight prepping, but when you’re making pizza from “one of the best food blogs in Canada,” it’s going to be worth the wait. The ingredients are few, but they pack a punch. You’ll love the rich flavors of Prosciutto, goats cheese, garlic and arugula.

2. Flatbread Pizza by Bon Appétit
Top tips are revealed in this Bon Appétit recipe for flatbread pizza with a crunchy crust. Fresh ricotta cheese, mint leaves and red onion add surprising flavor profiles to this gourmet zucchini flatbread.

3. Eggplant, Pesto & Goats Cheese Pizza
Scrumptious sautéed eggplant is perfectly complimented by pesto and goats cheese in this easy gourmet pizza recipe. As a plus, Food and Wine offers suggested wine pairings with their recipes, and Sauvignon Blanc sure does sound good with this one!

Indulgent Yet Wholesome

Ready for some pizza that won’t break your diet? If you want the indulgence, but you don’t want the guilt, try some of these wholesome recipes for healthier homemade pizza.

1. Nutritious Pizza by EatingWell
Whole wheat crust, pumpkin puree and turkey pepperoni make this recipe from EatingWell both health-conscious and tasty.

2. Healthy Pizza Kids Will Eat
Contrary to popular belief, even a simple pizza recipe can be healthy. For a well balanced Italian pie, made with whole wheat crust and veggie toppings, try this healthy pizza recipe from Super Healthy Kids.

3. The Best Cauliflower Crust Pizza
Made with homemade or store bought riced cauliflower, this Eat Bird Food pizza recipe creates a tasty pizza that’s rich in flavor but guilt free. Tips are included for altering to a dairy-free or vegan diet, too.

Hold the Meat, Please

Okay, we’ve already included some recipes that vegetarians can enjoy. But what about some homemade pizza recipes that were especially created with vegetarians in mind? Here are a few delicious veggie options for those of you who crave flavorful, satisfying pizza without the meat.

1. Vegetarian Supreme by Cooking Light
Who says ‘supreme’ has to equal pizza loaded with meat? This Cooking Light recipe offers a veggie loaded version of a highly popular pizza pick. Finally, a supreme pizza for the rest of us! Eggplant, zucchini, squash, bell peppers and more top this tasty veggie pizza that’s sure to satisfy your carvings.

2. Another Supreme by Good Life Eats
When it comes to pizza, more is more, so here’s a second vegetarian supreme pizza recipe to try from Good Life Eats. Feta adds a richness to the cheese layer, and black olives, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms are just a few of the many toppings.

3. Food and Wine’s Hummus & Zucchini Pizza
Ready for something a little more exotic? Try this hummus and grilled zucchini pizza from Food and Wine. A non-traditional twist on pizza, this recipe uses garlic hummus for sauce, adding a plant-based protein ingredient that’s perfect for vegetarians.

4. Plant Well’s Vegan Pizza
If you’re looking for a recipe designed for vegans, you can’t go wrong with this Planet Well pizza. Easy instructions and simple ingredients make this pizza a quick-fix for vegans with cheesy cravings.

5. Five-Star Veggie Pizza
Not all easy pizzas are created equal, and this five-star veggie version from All Recipes proves the rule. Despite the short ingredients list, and the fast turn around time, this tried and true pizza recipe is backed by five star reviews. The simplicity also makes this recipe easy to alter with your favorite toppings. If you’re missing the protein, or you want more flavor, try adding vegetarian meat alternatives to this pizza to make it extra special.

We hope you have enjoyed our curated collection of homemade pizza recipes. With 23 different options to choose from, we think every pizza craver out there will find something here to love.



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