Delicious Chocolate Pie recipes to Silence the Critics

Posted: November 11, 2021 11:45 am

Enjoy some of the most mind-blowing chocolate pie recipes with some interesting twists that keep you guessing. The variations here include smooth, creamy, and crunchy textures to enjoy as the perfect chocolate finisher to any meal!

French Silk Pie

Here we are at pie season again, and you need some ways to spice up dessert with some delicious chocolate pie variations. The classics are great, but you can elevate the experience with recipes like the French Silk Pie that will highly impress even the most critical guests. This is a deeply rich and creamy recipe that will most likely make a second appearance after you fix it. Whipped cream and chocolate curls are the defining features of this particular decadent chocolate pie, and it has been featured commercially in many tasty treats. However, to get the best results you should prepare everything fresh from home and follow the instructions carefully. Making the pastry from scratch is highly recommended here to get that authentic and otherworldly fresh flavor. Contrary to the name, this pie was actually created in America where it was coined from the creamy and rich texture. The French Silk Pie has been a staple classic even though many people opt for the traditional chocolate pie. You will get a rich and rewarding surprise when you taste the first bite of this distinctive variation that is similar to a mousse texture. As the name implies, it’s much silkier than your normal recipe. Another great idea is to consider dark chocolate additions without changing the base recipe. You can simply add the flakes on top for an incredible result!

Creamy Hazelnut pie

This creamy hazelnut Pie recipe will knock some sense into those who are on the fence about chocolate because it incorporates Hazelnut which brings out the tastes more. You’ll need some cream cheese, sugar, Nutella, whipped topping, and it’s all solidified in a delicious chocolate crust that brings it to life and adds needed texture. This is a very comprehensive recipe that can be forged quickly in a pinch. In a bowl, simply beat the cream cheese, sugar, and Nutella until completely smooth. Fold into the whipped topping and then complete by settling on the delicious chocolate crust. From there, you want to warm up the Nutella in the microwave for around 20 seconds and gently drizzle it across the pie. It’s best to refrigerate fully for around 12 hours, but it can be enjoyed after a solid 4-5 hours in the fridge. You simply won’t be able to get enough of this Creamy Hazelnut Pie because it takes advantage of one of the most popular hazelnut chocolate spreads on the market. This dessert will hit home with many people who enjoy it already, and they will notice you used it in the recipe for a delicious result that can’t be ignored!

German Chocolate cream Pie


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This particular German Chocolate Cream pie is an award-winning recipe that many have agreed is a chocolate pie to die for! It has a highly distinct texture and flavor profile with ingredients like coconut shavings, pecans, German sweet chocolate, and heavy whipping cream. These in conjunction with the base ingredients result in a chocolate pie that tastes like it is from another country. That’s a great way to spice things up because they tend to have better types of chocolate in Germany. Your guests will definitely notice the difference and you should brace yourself for the wave of compliments to follow each bite! The directions are easy to follow, and you want to make sure the ingredients are all fresh. This german chocolate pie is more aesthetically pleasing than many traditional pies made here, and you can experiment with different patterns for the crust. Presentation is everything when it comes to dessert, and here you will master the tasteful and visual elements of chocolate pie. It takes around an hour to prepare and bake this pie fully. If you accomplish it correctly then you’ll have award-winning results that will have people coveting more. Take a page from this german recipe and create a chocolate pie that is both memorable and sweet this holiday!

Rocky Road Freezer Pie

There are many fans of the rocky road combination that is commonly used in ice cream, but what about pie? The Rocky Road Freezer Pie combines the best of both worlds with a cold treat that is also a pie. The ingredients include half and half cream, instant pudding mix, whipped topping, semi-sweet chocolate chips, marshmallows, chopped pecans, and a graham cracker crust. When combined, it results in a mouth-watering dessert that is hard to not over-indulge in. You also have considerable freedom with this recipe if it needs some alteration. For instance, you can utilize chocolate graham crackers instead of regular or use walnuts instead of pecans. It’s important to remember that we each have our own tastes when it comes to pie, and you may even want to try chocolate marshmallows which definitely exist! The directions for this rocky road pie are very straightforward. Simply whisk the cream and pudding in a large bowl for two minutes. Next, gently fold in the whipped topping. Next, you want to stir in the chocolate chips, marshmallows, and pecans. Move this mixture to the pie crust and then stick it in the freezer until firm. Thaw for approximately 10 minutes before serving and you have an exquisite chocolate pie that is very similar to ice cream, but more impressive!

Chocolate Chess Pie

It’s hard to beat the classic chocolate chess pie that has been a staple favorite for many over the years. However, this particular chess pie switches it up a bit so you might notice some enhanced qualities. As always, it starts with the ingredients to give it that elevated flavor profile. Butter, Shortening, unsweetened chocolate, and vanilla extract are all flavors featured in this dish. The preparation method is key here to bring it to life with fabulous results! Thankfully, it’s easy to follow and you can prepare in a little over an hour with 8 serving sizes. Remember that most pies are better after being chilled for at least 3 hours before serving. This chocolate Chess pie is no exception to the rule. The most distinctive element of this delicious pie is that it utilizes more chocolate for a richer chess pie. This more robust recipe will be a successful and popular variation when the time comes to enjoy a delicious meal. You may also opt for utilizing dark chocolate in this recipe to switch things up for fun! Once it’s prepared, you want to bake at 325 degrees for around 35-40 minutes and then effectively cool on a wire rack before transferring to the fridge. The result is truly remarkable and you’ll notice the richer chocolate!

Classic Chocolate Cream Pie

The classic chocolate cream pie is for all the purists out there who want a simple recipe that is classic and perfect. There’s nothing wrong with stepping outside the box, but sometimes there’s something heartwarming about a traditional recipe that will never disappear! You will find only familiar ingredients here with a process that is easy to bring to fruition during a long holiday meal prep. For years, classic chocolate Cream pie has been captivating the hearts of millions. They show unswerving dedication to having it each year for a good reason, it’s simply irresistible. Simple baking cocoa is implemented here without any added complexities. You can opt to leave the cream off if you would rather apply it individually. The flaky crust is perfectly executed in this recipe, and if you cook it right then it will melt in your mouth with the perfect complement to pure chocolate goodness. You deserve a dessert this year that is simple and to the point. This recipe takes around one and a half hours plus a few hours in the fridge to chill. Afterward, it will have a solidified texture that is smooth and full of a robust chocolate flavor that immediately makes your eyes roll back with amazement. Enjoy this quintessential recipe along with all the others this holiday to satisfy your sweet tooth with the most delicious chocolate pie recipe. This is the perfect chocolate pie recipe for thanksgiving!



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