Delicious and Satisfying Sweet Potato Dishes

Posted: October 31, 2022 10:42 am

In a world where we are becoming more health-conscious, sweet potatoes are a popular vegetable. There are many ways to enjoy sweet potatoes, whether by making them into fries, baking them, or even using them in recipes. Sweet potatoes have many positive health benefits. For example, sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.

The sweet potato is thought to have originated in South America, and the Spanish brought it to Europe in the 1500s. It quickly gained popularity as a food and was even used as currency in some places. Sweet potatoes can be prepared in many ways, including fries, baking, and incorporation into recipes. And recently, they have been used as a healthier substitute for other starchy vegetables like white potatoes. They have a similar texture and can be used in many of the same dishes.

Sweet potatoes are especially good cooked in a savory way. They can be cooked with different meats, vegetables, and spices to create various dishes. Some examples of dishes that include sweet potatoes are sweet and spicy pulled pork, roasted sweet potatoes with balsamic glaze, and a Caribbean-style sweet potato dish with jerk chicken. An easy dinner to try is Jerk Chicken with Sweet Potatoes Sheet-Pan Dinner. It has everything you want in a meal. This dinner has chicken and potatoes and it’s seasoned with gingerroot, soy sauce, cilantro and lime. All of this is prepared in one pan for easy clean-up.

As the name indicates, sweet potatoes can also be used in deserts. They can be used in waffles, breads, and pies. The best part is you keep all the health benefits when you do this. Healthy dessert? Yes, please! A fantastic pie is Purple Sweet Potato Pie. This unique desert will have your families’ mouths watering. When you combine the purple sweet potatoes with cardamom and gingerroot and then add a little orange zest, well, it’s like no other flavoring. Then of course you have you add the marshmallow cream and what’s a pie without a flaky crust? This is a desert your family is sure to love.

The science behind sweet potatoes is fascinating. When sweet potatoes begin to heat up during cooking, a special enzyme unique to sweet potatoes gets to work. This enzyme converts the bland, chalky starch into maltose, which is then converted into sugar. The amount of sugar in sweet potatoes can be controlled by how they are cooked. The enzyme starts working around 135° and stops working around 170°. So, you can make a savory sweet potato bread like Savory Sweet Potato Pan Bread with Sun-Dried Tomatoes like the one found at or a sweet bread like Maple Sweet Potato Bread.

If you are wanting to use sweet potatoes as a replacement for regular potatoes, you can fry then, mash them, bake them. Basically, you can use them in any way you use regular potatoes. Sweet potato fries are a favorite pub food and it is a very easy snack or side dish to prepare.

Candied sweet potatoes are a sweet potato side dish made with brown sugar, maple syrup, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. The make a great side to any holiday spread, but can be enjoyed any time of the year. This dish satisfies those sweet cravings and incredibly simple to prepare.

If you haven’t tried making sweet potato dishes, you should. Sweet potatoes are such a versatile food and can be cooked in almost any style of food. If you have a sweet tooth or are a little salty, you can find something the sweet potato will satisfy. There are limitless options so you are sure to find a recipe that suits your taste!



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