Delectable Desserts to Make Valentine’s Day 2022 a Sweet One

Posted: January 23, 2022 10:25 am

While we are in the depths of winter at the moment, a glimmer of hope in on the horizon in the form of Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you have a significant other, or are just looking to shower your loved ones with appreciation, a sweet treat is always appreciated. We love making elaborate desserts to enjoy every February 14, and wanted to share some recipe ideas with you so you can get brainstorming. Enjoy these ideas, from decadent to fun and everything in between.

Recipe 1: Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Heart Cookies

We know the feeling—You want to make something impressive, but do not quite have the baking skills to pull off a three-tier cake. No worries! Consider shortbread. It is simple as it only takes 5 ingredients: butter, confectioner’s sugar, flour, vanilla extract and salt. Cream together the butter and sugar before adding in the salt and vanilla. Sprinkle on some flour, roll and cut out the dough and bake it. While those are getting nice and golden, melt the chocolate. Dip half of the cookie in white chocolate and the other half in dark chocolate. Let cool. Place a few in gift bags and pass them out to those you care about most. See, baking can be fuss free!

Recipe 2: Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Easy and classy, these strawberries will look wonderful when plated on a pretty glass batter or inside a stunning gift box. Note that cheap chocolate is harder to melt and does not taste as good as things that are slightly higher quality. Try bakers’ chocolate or chips from a specialty brand. Bittersweet or semi-sweet works best. Make sure to grab some wax paper to set the strawberries on and lay out the desired toppings beforehand. Once the chocolate hardens, consider drizzling on white chocolate or serving them as-is for a sweet and rich treat.

Recipe 3: Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Recipe


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Every bite of truffle will reveal a pink freeze-dried raspberry filling for a little extra something. A food processor or a blender can help blend the fruit to make sure it is the right consistency for filling. Use an ice cream or cookie scoop to make sure they are all the right size. For an extra twist, drizzle on pink candy melts or roll in cocoa powder for that extra touch.

Recipe 4: White Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe

This cake is light and fluffy, made best with ingredients that have been sitting at room temperature. Mix the wet and dry ingredients separately, and then blend the butter and sugar, making sure not to overmix. To get the right amount of white chocolate flavor, consider grating a high-quality chocolate bar. This should give you the results you want faster and make sure you get roughly the same amount of chocolate in each cake slice. Cool, cut and enjoy! Serve with raspberry jam or strawberries on the side if you are feeling fancy!

Recipe 5: Cherry Thumbprint Cookies

These crumbly melt-in-your-mouth cookies are made, in simple terms, from basic sugar cookie dough and jam. What makes this recipe special is it features a homemade cherry jam. Make sure you cook it a little longer than you would think to make sure it is the right consistency. Create the heart print with your thumbs once you roll the cookie dough out (do not forget to add the cornstarch to the dough). Bake and enjoy these pretty cookies, something cherry fans are sure to love.

Recipe 6: Nutella Mousse

If you are looking for a 10-minute recipe, you found it. All you need is Nutella and heavy whipping cream. While this mousse only features two ingredients, it is important to measure out each correctly so the finished product does not have too much liquid. For best results, keep the Nutella at room temperature (if it freezes, thaw some in the microwave), and then chill the mousse in the fridge for an hour or two. Top with chocolate chips, whipped cream or even more Nutella. This looks great in a glass dish or when pipped into shot glasses.

Recipe 7: Crème Brulé

This recipe is best for dessert makers with a little bit of experience, as it is crucial not to burn or over-bake any of the elements. As it is best made in advance, give yourself 3 to 4 days before you would like to serve this to bake the dessert, chill it and prep the browned sugar. If you have small, delicate ramekins, even better. Dessert fans who do not care for chocolate should like this sweet, almost caramel custard.

Recipe 8: Easy Baked Raspberry Cheesecake

Rich and creamy, this cheesecake is tangy and fresh. No water bath or fancy mixer is needed to make this, so you can make something fancy without the hassle. First, make the graham cracker crust before prepping the filling. Make sure to mix the filling as air bubbles can lead to cracks. Full-fat cream cheese works best. Bake and drizzle with the tangy, sweet raspberry sauce. A generous slice of this is just what your family and friends need to cap off a wonderful meal.

Recipe 9: Watermelon Vodka Sorbet

This icy granita works best with watermelon or plain vodka. Yes, it is for adults only, but is a healthier take on sugar-laden desserts. Sugar, water, lemon juice, vodka and cubed watermelon are pureed, frozen and scooped. Serve immediately. A reviewer also said this works with white watermelon and herbal gin, so feel free to experiment.

Recipe 10: Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Blossoms

Simple and classic, peanut butter blossoms are delicious, even when made gluten free. Creamy peanut butter is best in these are it keeps the texture chewy and the mixing process smooth. Make the dough, roll it into circles, dip it in sugar, place a chocolate “kiss” in the middle and bake. As these are best enjoyed warm or fresh from the oven, make sure you have a hungry family or friend group who is up for enjoying these at the ready. Any extra chocolates make fun favors, too.

We wish you a joyous Valentine’s Day, however you choose to celebrate, but we hope you take the time to treat yourself—and others—to an amazing dessert that is made with love, hope and joy. Sweeten up your holiday with this dessert recipe inspiration.



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