Autumn Weekend Recipes For Casual and Social At-Home Get-Togethers

Posted: September 16, 2021 1:44 pm

With school starting and the weather changing, you may be fresh out of ideas in the kitchen. Grilling is on its way out, pretty soon it’ll be too cold to dine outside…and soon it’ll be cold enough that staying in and having a warm, home-cooked meal will trump other options.


For those delightful weekends where there’s not much planned and you’re staying in, watching TV, playing board games, or just chilling in your pajamas and staying warm, these recipes will help you stay out of the chill without staying too long in the kitchen.


PUMPKIN PANCAKES – This classic breakfast dish has a simple yet very effective seasonal twist that will guarantee its success: pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice. The smell of these pancakes cooking on the griddle will be enough to get even the most sleep-deprived among us out of bed–and believe me, the taste holds good on that promise!

INSTANT POT OATMEAL – Instant Pots are renowned for their ability to speed up a recipe’s cook time while sacrificing none of the quality of flavor, and this pumpkin pie oatmeal is no exception. Packed with minerals and protein, oatmeal is the perfect hearty breakfast for a chilly autumn morning, and the harvest flavors make it that much more satisfying.


GOUDA AND GRANNY SMITH GRILLED CHEESE – Smoked turkey and granny smith apples pair with creamy, melted gouda cheese for a sensational weekday sandwich that isn’t any hader to make than any other significantly less delicious sandwich.

INSTANT POT APPLESAUCE – Making your own applesauce is the ultimate autumn thing to do. It’ll take you back to an era you never lived in and probably cause you spend a few minutes revisiting your romanticize of homestead life, but who hasn’t been there? One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that this applesauce is far too easy to make to belong in the past. It’s really for the best that we’re here now, isn’t it?


AIR FRYER TURKEY BREAST – Speaking of easy, let’s talk about air frying your turkey. No longer is it necessary to slow roast a turkey in the oven with a meat thermometer–you can get the same incredible taste in your air fryer with the right recipe. And this is definitely the right recipe!

SKILLET CHICKEN POT PIE – Chicken pot pie is one of those dishes that everybody loves, especially on a cold autumn night. This particular recipe delights not only due to ease of assembly, but the cleanup as well. Everything is one pan? Is it too good to be true?

BACON HARVEST SKILLET – This full meal in a skillet features a number of everyone’s favorite flavor-enhancers, including fennel, bacon, garlic, and onion. Bonus points for a one-pan cleanup and a happy, satisfied belly!


PECAN PUMPKIN PIE – This ingenious recipe features two of the most popular Thanksgiving pies in one, so you don’t have to choose or make two!


When you’re having people over, whether its your parents, friends, in-laws or colleagues, an unforgettable seasonal meal is sure to keep them entertained and in high spirits. Below are several options for each possible meal, along with some appetizers or hors d’oeuvres and drinks if you want to take the get-together to the next level.


FALL BRUNCH BOARD – Having people over for breakfast usually means a late meal–and the awareness that not everyone like the same thing for the first meal of the day. Luckily, this brilliant idea gives you the option to charcuterie-board (can I use that as a verb?) your brunch so everyone can find what they like. This list has lots of options and recipes, and you’ll find another one below that you can add in to ensure that weekend brunches are your place very much remain a thing.

VANILLA WAFFLES AND ASIAN PEARS – The absolute perfect decadent breakfast dish, these home-made vanilla waffles combine with brandy-soaked half-moon Asian pears and maple syrup for an almost-too-good treat that will have your guests clamoring to get the recipe.


CRANBERRY WALNUT CHICKEN SALAD – Something about a well done salad is just so perfect for a social lunch! This classic recipe has a delightful contrast between sweet and nutty that is sure to make it a success. Pair with toasted baguette and a soup such as this autumn bisque.

DRIP BEEF SANDWICHES – Also known as “Au Jus”, this roast-beef sandwich uses the dripping from the roast beef to create a meaty, flavorful sandwich dip. Paired with carmelized onions and, in our recommendation, provolone cheese, these sandwiches are an absolutely delicious universal hit.

BUTTERNUT SQUASH LASAGNA – This harvest-y seasonal lasagna recipe uses butternut squash instead of tomato sauce for a creamier flavor that pairs perfectly with ricotta. A great dish with universal appeal that goes well with some garlic bread for a more casual social night.


CRANBERRY BRIE BITES – Perfect to start an unforgettable evening with friends, especially when served with a Cranberry Mule or Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour (recipes below).

HALLOWEEN CHARCUTERIE BOARD – This fun board of appetizers is great for a light-hearted pre-Halloween gathering–especially one where kids are present.


CRANBERRY MULES – This recipe calls for spiced rum instead of vodka, adding a punch of fall spice in addition to the ginger beer and cranberry juice. Serve this cozy drink before dinner to get everyone in that autumn mood.

CINNAMON MAPLE WHISKEY SOUR – Another pre-dinner drink sure to be a hit are these whiskey sours, which make use of maple syrup and cinnamon for that distinct warming autumn flavor along with the lemon juice for the sour.


FIG, PROSCIUTTO, AND RADICCHIO SALAD – This salad lends a sophisticated touch to your evening get-together, combining the tart flavor of Stilton, the sweetness of honey and fig, and the savory prosciutto for a complex and light dish that will get your dinner party off to a wonderful start.

SAUSAGE, APPLE, AND CRANBERRY STUFFING – Everyone loves stuffing, but this recipe takes it to the next level with the sweet touch of apple and cranberry. If your Thanksgiving recipes don’t change for anyone, try this one out when you’re entertaining any other time during autumn.

PARMESAN AND SAGE PORK CUTLETS – Parmesan cheese, sage, and lemon peel make this breaded pork cutlet unforgettable–and it pairs very well with the stuffing to make a complete meal.


APPLE GALETTES WITH CALVADOS SALAD – A wonderful way to use the apples you stocked up on at the farmer’s market, this no-fuss, delicious treat is a crowd-pleaser at home on any table. Served with dollops of Calvados cream and, perhaps, a cup of coffee.

MARZIPAN, PEAR, AND DARK CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH POACHED PEARS – Cardamom, chocolate, vanilla pods, marzipan…this decadent dessert is rich, delicious, and absolutely perfect for an at-home-but-dress-up evening.

Whatever your meal looks like, be it a sophisticated party or a casual get-together, these recipes give you several options that are sure to please your crowd and get them into the beginning of that wonderful holiday spirit. Happy cooking (and eating)!



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