9 Stuffing Recipes that are Full of Flavor

Posted: November 19, 2022 1:28 am

For many, Thanksgiving dinner is not right without stuffing. Maybe you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, and don’t have a good stuffing recipe. Maybe you are an old pro at it, but want to try something new. Below are links to all types of stuffing recipes, from old fashioned, tried and true ones to creative takes on the old standard.

Classic Stuffing

Let’s start with the basics. This classic stuffing recipe from Delish, includes all the basic ingredients and everything you need to know to make a great, traditional stuffing. Not that they discourage experimentation. If you’re adventurous, they suggest using different types of bread: baguettes, sourdough bread, challah bread…really, whatever you have on hand or prefer.

Delish also lists specific recipes for croissant stuffing with sausage and apples, soft pretzel stuffing, and crescent roll stuffing.

Cornbread Stuffing

Among its stuffing recipes, Delish also includes a Southern favorite, cornbread stuffing. This involves baking the corn bread first, and they provide a link to their own cornbread recipe. Being a traditional dish, they also dress this recipe up with a history of how it came from South African couscous, as well as expert baking tips.

Sausage and Herb

You may hanker for a hearty, meat-filled stuffing. Here’s a link to a delicious and easy sausage and herb stuffing recipe by Jenn Segal. She came up with this recipe as a way of cutting down on cooking time for Thanksgiving meals. What makes this recipe even easier is that Jenn gives you step-by-step, illustrated instructions, holding your hand along the way.

Oyster Stuffing

Another choice to include in your Thanksgiving stuffing is seafood, particularly oysters. The New York Times listed this Gulf Coast favorite by Lucy Buffet (Jimmy’s culinary sister): Recipe. While it may be adventurous for some, it is a family tradition in the Buffet house, and in many other homes in the Mobile, Alabama area.

Stuffing with Fruits and Nuts

For those who prefer their stuffing meatless, here’s a spin on the classic stuffing recipe featuring pecans, persimmons and apples – recipe. Stephanie Stiavetti claims that this is her favorite stuffing recipe, including all of the goodness of favorite seasonal ingredients. She also includes vegetarian and gluten-free options for this recipe.

Another variant to this fruit-and-nuts theme involves a berry that is almost thematic to the Thanksgiving holidays – cranberries. Lyuba Brookes cranberry and pecan stuffing recipe, should go well with any Thanksgiving meal. She shares her personal tips with you, from how to make the stale bread to the best way to prepare the cranberries.

Pumpkin Stuffing

This one is so obvious, it leaves many of us scratching our heads and saying, “Why haven’t I thought of this before?” If you’re a pumpkin spice fiend, put down the latte and put that pumpkin to use in this year’s stuffing. There are a number of recipes for pumpkin stuffing out there on the internet, such as this savory example from Super Healthy Kids.

Pineapple Stuffing

Believe it or not, there are numerous pineapple stuffing recipes out there as well. Here, a chef named Melissa on the Simply Whisked website offers an easy, five-ingredient, dairy-free option for your pineapple stuffing. It is often served as a side dish with ham, and it is not cooked in a turkey. Still, for a light and refreshing change of pace, it’s probably the most unique option out there.

French Onion Soup Stuffing

If you’re a fan of the bread-in-caramelized-onion-broth-covered-in-cheese delight known as French onion soup, this will likely knock your socks off. Sarah of Whole and Heavenly Oven offers this variation enthusiastically. This stuffing bakes in the oven, not in the turkey. Still, if you have an open-minded family, it should work magnificently with Thanksgiving dinner.

Paleo Stuffing

You can make stuffing with no wheat or grains! Chef Sheryl Malik claims that this is the best gluten-free, grain-free stuffing there is and it tastes like traditional stuffing. Nothing but vegetables, dried fruit, nut ingredients and eggs.



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