8 Flavorful Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

Posted: October 5, 2022 3:00 am

With the ability to help you break out some world-famous recipes, the cast iron skillet is one of the most important utensils in our kitchens. Cast iron skillets are known to be long-lasting such that some of us have inherited them from our parents. Just like fine wine, cast iron skillets tend to get better with age if you store them well and clean them properly without getting rid of the seasoning.

The seasoning on a pan refers to the thin layer of polymerized oils that helps create a naturally easy-release surface and prevents the cast iron skillet from rusting. There is a chance that you may buy the pan seasoned, or you can let it build up over time. Since the cast iron skillet is best for searing, baking, sauteing, braising, and pan frying, here is a list of 8 DIY full dishes you can make using the cast iron skillet.

Pan Fried Potatoes

Are you preparing for brunch, or are your kids having a play date, and you are looking for a nutritious yet tasty dish to serve your guests? Why not try the pan-fried potatoes? Pan fried potatoes are one of the easiest cast iron skillet recipes, and they don’t require much kitchen expertise.

This easy-to-make dish is full of carbohydrates that ensure your body has sufficient energy required to conquer the day. This recipe is versatile in that it can be served with several other dishes like scrambled eggs, fish, frittata, and a tofu scramble.

With pan fried potatoes, nothing can go wrong since it’s all-inclusive, being that it’s vegetarian, gluten-free, plant-based, and dairy-free, allowing you to serve it at any social gathering. Pro tip if you are using cast iron cookware, ensure that the potatoes have fully turned brown before you flip them; since then, the release from the pan is better.

Easy Seafood Paella

Despite having the word easy in its name, the Easy Seafood Paella still sounds like something only chefs can make, right? False the Easy Seafood Paella is quite simple to make, actually, and the best thing is it’s a one-skillet rice dish.

So, if you are a food explorer, this is a dish you should absolutely try creating. Since the original Paella primarily uses meat, this version predominantly uses seafood and vegetables. The Easy Seafood Paella is originally Spanish, which adds to its sophistication and class, but it’s also quite filling, not forgetting the heaven-like deliciousness.

If you are looking to show off to your friends, then this meal is it. Also, the Easy Seafood Paella is highly adaptable, and you can make do with any seafood you have in the house; all you need is a cast iron cooking pan. Remember, when preparing the Easy Seafood Paella, don’t stir the rice while preparing this meal since it’ll prevent the formation of the flavor crust at the bottom of the cast iron pan, thereby forming a risotto-like consistency.

Creamy Chicken Skillet

You can never speak about easy chicken recipes without including the Creamy Chicken Skillet in your list. It’s obvious just by reading its name out loud the Creamy Chicken has you mouth-watering; the best part is it can back itself like it’s often said put your money where your mouth, and the creamy chicken does just that.

The appeal and sophistication of this cast iron pan delicacy isn’t meant to be hidden; it’s supposed to be shared with the world hence why it’s best served at parties, family gatherings, or special occasions. Not forgetting the nutritional side of it, the Creamy Chicken is a power meal since it contains all members of each food group.

You can serve the Creamy Chicken alongside a baguette, pasta, and rice, and if you are on a low-carb diet, the meal has got your back since it can also be served with cauliflower rice, keto bread, and many other low-carb options. Also, let’s not forget this chicken meal is a keto bomb and thus can be served however you want. For better results when preparing this meal, use a regulated heat source.

Breakfast Vegetable Scramble

Be honest, what’s your breakfast meal plan? Most people prefer cereals for breakfast, but honestly, sometimes breakfast cereals become boring; thus, it’s recommended that you switch your breakfast plan at least thrice a week. But remember to alternate it with something nutritious, healthy, and appealing, and what’s that, if not the true definition of a breakfast vegetable scramble?

The breakfast vegetable scramble consists of a wide variety of vegetables like spinach, baby kale, and bell pepper, all of which contain antioxidants and other essential vitamins and nutrients to ensure you start your day fully energized and on a high.

Anyone can enjoy the breakfast vegetable scramble since it’s gluten-free, non-dairy, vegetarian, and vegan. You can also add fruit on the side to this combo for a complete and flavorful meal. Also, you can use tofu instead of eggs if you are observing a plant-based diet.

Banana Foster

What is romance? Romance can be defined as showing your significant other that you care about them, and there’s nothing you won’t do to prove it. So, how about showing your romantic side by being a kitchen guru? For most people, the way to their hearts is through food, and the Bananas foster recipe can help you achieve precisely that.

First of are you a thrill seeker? If yes, then you have found your perfect match. Bananas foster is basically sauteed bananas in caramel sugar and rum with vanilla ice cream serving as a topper, but that’s not the thrill is the flame popping up on the cooking pan during its preparation. This dish offers you a chance o show off to your date and gives you a killer yet very romantic dessert.

But remember, with thrill comes caution, so when preparing this mouth-watering dessert, always ensure that a fire extinguisher is around; you won’t want to burn your eyebrows and kitchen in one swoop, now won’t you? If you wish to enjoy this cast iron skillet recipe, then serve it immediately since the bananas tend to lose some of their texture once refrigerated.

Skillet Pizza

Now talk of a crowd pleaser because it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like pizza. Most people don’t realize this, but you can make a quality yet delicious homemade pizza using simple ingredients that you can scavenge around the house, and all you’ll need will be cast iron cookware.

The preparation of the Skillet Pizza shouldn’t last for more than forty minutes, making it the perfect meal during family or friends’ night. As you know, with pizza, it’s all about creativity. Hence you can tweak the recipe. Skillet Pizza is best served when still hot but not directly from the oven because it would burn out your test buds, making it hard for you to enjoy the tantalizing fruits of your labor.

With Skillet Pizza, you can use non-dairy and plant-based products so everyone can enjoy it. When it comes to toppings, you are free to go nuts on what you think will be the best toppings for your pizza.

Blackened Shrimp

Blackened Shrimp doesn’t mean that the Shrimp has been cooked until it turns black; no, it’s just the preparation technique that’s known as blackening. Blackening is a cooking style that involves cooking special species on a cast iron pan until the outside of your delicacy is blackened and crispy.

Blackened Shrimp is one of the most addictive cast iron cooking recipes that you never seem to get enough of. This skillet recipe can serve as a family meal or an appetizer during social events. The secret to making blackened delicacies irresistible is the complex nature of the ingredients and blend of spices used during its preparation.

As a delicacy, Blackened Shrimp can be served alongside brown or white rice, cornbread, and sautéed or grilled vegetables. Also, for our dairy-free, pescatarian, and gluten-free friends, this recipe is for you too.

Garlic Naan Bread

Sometimes you don’t need to go out and spend large sums of cash to enjoy exotic foods; you can simply make them yourself. One easy exotic food you can prepare at home is the Garlic Naan Bread, an Indian flat bread that is always a crowd favorite. This recipe is usually soft, garlic-scented, supple, and mostly enjoyed alongside different curries and broth.

Garlic Naan Bread boasts a rich texture and flavor compared to other Naan bread recipes, which makes Garlic Naan Bread the popular kid in the playground. When making the naan dough, you can choose between yeast and baking powder as a livener though the traditionalists prefer using yeast. Remember, the best way to prepare Garlic Naan Bread is by using a cast iron pan.

Pro tip always ensure that the cooking pan is blazing hot before adding the dough; if not, your Garlic Naan Bread won’t cook properly. Garlic Naan Bread is a long-lasting recipe such that you can keep feasting on this sweetness for up to two months if stored properly, preferably in a refrigerator. Ensure that the Garlic Naan Bread is foil wrapped before placing it into the fridge. Garlic Naan Bread also allows you to add your spin to it, where you can turn it into a naan pizza.

Cooking is always bout imagination, and there is no limit to one’s vision. You are free to create and try out any recipe that pops into your head but always ensure that you are well familiar with the ingredients you are using. Remember, the best cast iron skillets are the tough ones. Don’t let this list limit you; instead, take it as a challenge ad try out new recipes to get the best out of your cast iron skillet. Happy cooking.



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