7 Best Homemade Veggie-Packed Burger Recipes

Posted: August 2, 2021 2:55 pm

This is the best veggie burger recipe if you’re sick of settling for store-bought basics. Keep reading to discover how to make this homemade meal!

These veggie-packed burgers are full of flavor. This hearty meal is very high in fiber with a total of 5 grams while also being a low-calorie meal of 200 calories. If this wasn’t intriguing enough, there are also various vegan substitutes sprinkled throughout this recipe. The main focus is the fact that it’s truly a veggie burger because the vegetables are the stars.

This veggie burger recipe includes much fewer beans than others. Within this one recipe contains 8 whole cups of vegetables. This equates to one cup of veggies for each burger, so you are definitely getting your healthy fill for the day. Many people make the mistake of trying to mimic meat when creating these recipes, but that really devalues the unique flavor that a veggie burger can bring to the table! These delicious burgers have a great hold, and they fit extremely well on your burger bun!

Juicy Black Bean Burger Recipe

This juicy black bean burger recipe will have your mouth watering from just the smell. Read below to learn how to cook this amazing meal!

This will be the best black bean recipe you’ve ever tasted so don’t knock it ‘til you try it. These are a great homemade alternative to store-bought remedies, and they hold their own against your usual restaurant-quality meal. This specific bean burger remedy has received amazing reviews from people all around the world who love both meat and meatless burgers.

Black bean burgers are a thick and tasty treat that will leave you wanting more. The secret about this recipe is that you first partially dry the black beans before using them. This will keep your burgers from having a mushy taste even after you cook them. No one likes a mushy burger! When you do it right, you will get a burger with a great hold and an even better taste. Also, how you choose to cook the burgers is completely up to you. You can either bake or grill your burger and serve it plain, on a bun, or in a salad!

Savory Veggie Burger Recipe

There is nothing like a savory burger to satisfy your appetite. Look at the description below to learn more about this irresistible meal!

This savory veggie burger recipe is definitely the one to beat! This provides you a hearty texture with great kicks of flavor. You have the option to grill these as well. Also, I’m sure you want to have plenty of time to get out in the sun so you can make these veggie burgers in bulk. Once you find your way to the kitchen, make yourself a large batch of these flavor-filled patties so you can enjoy them the next day and maybe even the day after that!

Interestingly, this burger recipe serves you up a nice, smoky texture and meaty flavor. Feel free to incorporate your own flair by adding unique toppings that will make your tastebuds sing. There is also nothing wrong with the classic ketchup and mustard combo! The flavor of this homemade burger easily surpasses that of any veggie burger that comes prepackaged because of the fresh, plant-based ingredients that are included.

Many people have recreated this recipe and have absolutely loved the results so I know you will too. This is a burger that tastes amazing and is really good for you too. Once you taste it, this burger will be on the top of your list. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself today!

Grilled Veggie Burger Recipe

A grilled veggie burger can be the perfect meal for a summer cookout. Read on to discover the secrets behind this grilled masterpiece!

This grillable veggie burger contains celebrity appearances from walnuts to rich BBQ sauce. Most veggie burgers in particular are known for their extremely fragile texture, but you will not experience that issue with this recipe. These burgers are sturdy and can take the heat of your favorite grill. This is the perfect meal option for a summer BBQ with friends and family.

Also, this recipe is extremely simple to recreate. You only need 10 ingredients and 30 minutes to throw this hearty meal together. These burgers hold up on both the grill and the skillet, so you get to choose your favorite cooking option. If you like that fire-grilled taste, you will definitely get more char on your patties if you blacken them on the grill versus cooking them on the skillet. Sautéing them on the skillet doesn’t give quite as much “bite”, but you do get a nice brown layer of juicy goodness!

If this didn’t sound amazing enough, each patty is packed full of almost 10 grams of protein. Pair this hearty patty with your favorite sides and enjoy the perfect meal!

Fantastic Veggie Burger Recipe

This veggie burger recipe will soon become your favorite. Continue reading to learn how to make this simple meal in the comfort of your home!

This high-quality veggie burger will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. These burgers combine the most unique flavors to create an irresistible meal. This patty has a quinoa, black bean, and oats base that provides a fantastic foundation for the rest of the flavors. You will also be adding in some fresh herbs, sweet potatoes, and your favorite seasonings.

A great perk with this recipe is there are plenty of chances for you to add your own twists to the original ingredients list. The sweet and spicy flavor they bring to the table will have your taste buds jumping for joy! To satisfy this title, the two main stars of this recipe are sweet potatoes and black beans of course. You are also encouraged to add your favorite toppings to truly make the recipe your own. The original includes buns that have lime-cilantro cabbage slaw and guacamole but if those aren’t your favorites, feel free to switch them up!

This is another recipe where you don’t have to worry about your burger falling apart while you’re trying to dig in. They can be cooked in the oven, sautéed on the stove, or blackened on the grill. The choice is yours! These will definitely help you get into the summertime spirit because they are a perfect meal to share with your friends and family on any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or a casual night in, these veggie burgers are always a showstopper!

Classic Veggie Burger Recipe

Don’t let the simplicity of this veggie burger recipe fool you. Check out the information below to get the inside scoop on this dinnertime classic!

This simple veggie burger recipe will allow you to through together a meal at the drop of a hat without compromising great texture or amazing flavor. These burgers are completely plant-based, but they still pack a punch. You will get thick and meaty burgers when you use this recipe.

If you have a more creative side, you will absolutely love this! Not only is this recipe extremely easy to follow, but it’s also customizable. Every step of the way, you have the opportunity to add your own spin on the most commonly used ingredients. There is no need to get discouraged if you don’t have all the ingredients this specific recipe calls for. Just browse through your kitchen to see what vegetables you have available and throw them in!

Some common variations of this recipe include mushroom veggie burgers topped with caramelized onions. No shame if you aren’t a fan of mushrooms! Just leave those out of the recipe and add in your favorite vegetable as a substitute. Some other suggestions include broccoli, red peppers, zucchini, roasted sweet potato, cauliflower, etc. You have so many different options at your disposal that will still give you an extremely delicious final product!

The Absolute Best Vegetarian Burger Recipe

This vegetarian burger recipe is unmistakably simple but extremely delicious. Keep reading to use ingredients that are already in your home to recreate this amazing meal!

If you don’t have the exact ingredients the recipe calls for, there is no need to get discouraged. This recipe allows you to use whatever vegetables you already have lying around the house to create the perfect veggie burger. For this recipe, you can use either frozen or fresh vegetables, no judgment here! Leftover grains from your previous dinner creations are also completely viable options to help you create this meal.

Even if you’re just a beginner, this recipe is simple and easy for you to follow along. There is a special formula included that will allow you to rest assured that your kitchen creation will turn into an amazing veggie burger once everything is complete.

Once you look over the formula, all you have to do is click on the recipe and browse through the list of ingredients. You get to pick your favorite ingredients from that list that will still allow you to satisfy the simple formula requirements for the recipe. Then, you’re all set to make an amazing veggie burger!

The Ultimate Grilled Veggie Burger Recipe

This ultimate grilled veggie burger recipe will provide you with a sturdy and flavorful burger you’re sure to enjoy. Get access to this amazing recipe by reading the description below!

As do restaurants, this recipe includes nuts for the flavor and the sturdiness they provide. Of course, the vegetables and beans are a must for a hearty veggie burger. As you know, traditional burgers have a nice meaty flavor, well so do these! The walnuts and beefy black beans incorporated in this recipe provide a delicious grilled flavor that is hard to resist.

If you aren’t afraid of spices, feel free to add them to this recipe to cater to your specific taste. Chili is a common favorite, but add whatever you like best. The special ingredient here is the white miso you use to keep the burger versatile and delicious!



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