5 Unique Ways to Dress Your Turkey this Year

Posted: November 4, 2021 11:26 am

Utilize these unique ways to prepare your turkey and it will result in a more flavorful and impressive experience. Step outside of the box with these recipes that can make this holiday a special one with delicious results!

Air Fryer Turkey Breast

We will start off our Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes with the Air Fryer Turkey breast instead of cooking the entire bird. It isn’t absolutely necessary if you’re only having a few guests over, and you will get much faster results with this method. It’s also a perfect alternative solution if you’re dealing with complications in the kitchen while cooking the whole turkey. This recipe will result in a well-seasoned and golden brown exterior with the perfect taste.

The Air Fryer Turkey Breast is a delicious substitute for the hassle of preparing the entire dish, which can take hours to cook properly. Prepare your rub in a bowl and this can vary depending on your flavor preferences. This recipe calls for classic staple spices like salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and rosemary. But there are also a couple of ways the flavor is elevated, like with chili flakes. Brush the olive oil on both sides and then also the seasoning. Place it with the skin side down into your air fryer and roast for 25 minutes at 360 degrees. All you have to do from there is turn it around and roast for another 20 minutes before your Air Fryer Turkey breast is ready to enjoy! You can find the comprehensive list of ingredients on the recipe page and it will guide you towards the right measurements. This is one of the most convenient unique cooking methods for a turkey breast, and it makes the meal far less arduous for those eating alone or with smaller gatherings. However, more of them could be prepared if necessary to accommodate a larger crowd, and is a great way to enhance your turkey with delicious taste!

Easy Roast Turkey

The Easy Roast Turkey recipe will give you exactly what the name promises. If you’re looking for a method that is reliable and comprehensive, then this is the right one for this thanksgiving. Here, you can actually prepare a full turkey in around 20 minutes, which helps streamline the process and get you cooking faster. This recipe is unique because it implements butter as one of the staple ingredients for a robustly satisfying flavor with moist, mouth-watering results. The directions are easy to follow, so if it’s your first time preparing a turkey then you won’t have to fear.

Simply start off by placing your home oven rack into the lowest position possible. You will want to preheat it to 325 degrees and then put your roasting rack in a shallow roasting pan. Prepare a small bowl and then mix together the seasoning, butter, salt, pepper, and anything else you might want to add. Rub a couple of tbsp of the mixture on the inside of the turkey and make sure it’s all covered. Stuff the bird with onion and celery for a savory flavor and then spread the delicious butter mixture evenly around the turkey. Enjoy different flavors to spice up your dinner with this roast under heavy foil. This will keep the taste and moisture locked in during the cooking process for the most tender texture imaginable. Total cook and preparation time for the Easy Roast Turkey is around three and a half hours and it’s definitely easier to prepare!

Herb-rubbed and Deep Fried

If you’re looking for one of the most delicious methods of cooking a turkey then consider frying it. We all know about the secret which is that everything is better fried and seasoned. The last thing you want is a bland traditional dry turkey like every year. Instead, consider fixing the Herb-rubbed and deep-fried turkey recipe that will have your guests begging for more! The result is a very crisp and delicious skin with incredibly tender meat that melts in your mouth with superior flavor. Start off by storing all your spices in a bowl. Mix them well for a thorough application on the whole turkey for continuity. The best way to fry a turkey is to conduct it outdoors where it’s easier to control the environment. Make sure you have a fryer big enough to handle at least 3 gallons of oil so the bird is completely covered. The oil temperature should be 390 degrees and cook for around 40-50 minutes. Let the oil drain and then you are ready to cut and measure the temperature again. You might need to take it back to the fryer for around 10 minutes at a time until well-cooked. This process will actually vary depending on the size of your turkey, and you might need to add more oil to cover and cook it completely. Rest assured, this method is one of the most savory possibilities for cooking thanksgiving dinner. Another advantage is that this method is extremely quick. The Herb-Rubbed Deep Fried Turkey will be a hit this holiday!

A classic Herb-enhanced turkey

Around this time, you might want a turkey dinner with no unique concepts, yet is still packed with flavor. This can often be a challenge that is difficult to accomplish because of overcooking and other mistakes. You need a Classic Herb-rubbed turkey that gives you a more robust flavor profile but still retains the quality of a classic meal. This balance has always been a difficult challenge, but here you can bring something special to the table. Place your rack on the bottom third of the oven and then preheat to 325 degrees. The turkey should be put on a rack set in a larger-sized roasting pan. Effectively tuck the wing tips under and tie accordingly for a more professional shape. Pour a cup of water into the pan, and then mix together the olive oil, lemon, and other herbs. Take half of that mixture you just prepared and then spread it on the turkey to cook for roughly 2 and half hours. After you take the foil off then you can add the rest of the seasoning mixture. Continue to roast it while keeping a watchful eye and basting with flavorful juices every 20 minutes or so. When the thickest segment of the thigh reaches 180 degrees, then your turkey is all set to be enjoyed by all! This recipe doesn’t have any nonsense about it, yet it still retains a modern taste and quality that is invigorating for your taste buds. The refreshing mixture with lemon juice makes it a brilliant Classic Herb-rubbed Turkey that will be eye-popping this thanksgiving!

Brined turkey breast

If you’re highly concerned about a dry turkey this thanksgiving, then a brined turkey breast recipe is the way to go. This will ensure more moisture is trapped during the cooking process, and you can enjoy a more satisfying result. This is truly the perfect compliment bait if you’re looking for a self-esteem boost around this time. The turkey will melt in your mouth with maximum flavor that is hard to compete with. It might take much longer and extend the process, but the extra effort is definitely worth it.

The directions for this recipe are important and the first step is to mix the water, salt, wine, sugar, and bay leaves in an appropriate container. You want to keep stirring until the salt and sugar are completely dissolved. Place your turkey breast carefully in the brine and then refrigerate for around 12-24 hours. For maximum juiciness, it’s suggested to go for a full day or even slightly more. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees and then take your turkey out of the brine to rinse in cool water. Make sure you pat it dry completely and thoroughly. From there you place it on the foil-lined pan to cook. Brush it evenly with the olive oil and mix the rest of your spices into a smaller bowl. Lightly sprinkle them evenly across the whole turkey and then cover again with foil to roast for one hour. Remove the foil and then roast again until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Your Succulent Brined Turkey Breast is ready to enjoy!



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