12 Ways to Make Gnocchi for Dinner Tonight

Posted: September 10, 2022 3:00 am

Trying to figure out what’s for dinner is a pretty common question most days in just about every household. If your family loves pasta or just Italian food in general, the light and fluffy Italian potato dumpling called gnocchi is a must try! If your family is already in love with this Italian delicacy, this post is exactly what you need. Read on to discover 12 incredible ways for gnocchi to be prepared. From adding meats like chicken or bacon, topping it with delicious sauces, putting it in soup or a casserole, making it from scratch, or even with ricotta instead of potatoes, you’re certain to find a must-make for dinner tonight!

Homemade Potato Gnocchi

It seems appropriate to begin with a recipe to make this simple Italian delicacy. Gnocchi is a pasta staple in the Italian diet, and the amazing thing about it is how simple it is to make. 4 basic ingredients is all you need, and they include potatoes, flour, eggs, and salt.

Gnocchi can be used in many different ways, but this recipe highlights the basis of what this soft and easy Italian potato dumpling dish is. Whether you are looking to create a casserole style dish or just top your gnocchi off with the perfect sauce, this recipe can be a great starting place!

Gnocchi With Pomodoro Sauce

Creating incredible sauces to top your gnocchi with is one of the best parts of this famous Italian dish. This pomodoro sauce is created with flavorful herbs and spices and has a tomato base, which goes along perfectly with its Italian potato dumpling counterpart.

This pomodoro sauce is a classic. It is fresh and also made with simple ingredients, so its sweet and rich flavors are easy to achieve. The mozzarella balls, heavy cream, and parmesan cheese add the creamy and richness to the sauce that compliments the gnocchi in just the right way. This is an incredible and simple way to top some gnocchi for dinner!

Creamy Buttery Tuscan Gnocchi Recipe

The magical Tuscan flavors that this recipe is full of will make you feel like you are dining in Italy…or at least at Olive Garden! This gnocchi sauce creates an excellent partner for these traditional potato dumplings that will leave your mouth wanting more!

The flavors of the sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, spices and herbs blend perfectly to create a creamy sauce for your gnocchi dish. And one of the best things about this recipe is not only that it is fast, but it can all be done in one pan. Which is music to most cook’s ears.

Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Recipe

Gnocchi may not be traditionally served with meat, but that should not stop you from adding some much-needed protein to your gnocchi recipes when the time is right. Some chicken added to that delicious potato dumpling is the perfect addition to create a fulfilling and savory meal.

This creamy chicken gnocchi recipe, with its amazing sauce, allows your meal to feel like the perfect healthy comfort meal. The unexpected white wine and parmesan cheese give it some extra edge by adding some tang as well! It is a great weeknight addition to your recipe rotation, and the fact that we can add some protein to this meal makes it ideal for the whole family!

Loaded Baked Gnocchi

Baked potatoes are the ultimate comfort food, and this gnocchi recipe feels like just that. It is loaded with just the right amount of goodness that is cheese and bacon. A sour cream sauce that is out of this world is the savory topping that makes this the perfect cross between macaroni and cheese and a loaded baked potato.

As fall approaches, this baked gnocchi comfort food recipe will be ideal on a cold evening. It is also a simple one to make, and it can easily be done on those busy weeknights. This is also a great recipe to make when you have guests over for dinner!

Corn and Tomato Gnocchi Foil Pack Recipe

If you are looking for a simple way to create a gnocchi dish, without hardly any dishes to clean, this may be your saving grace! These mouth watering foil packs are cooked on the grill. All of the ingredients are put together in the foil and the wine and juices from the ingredients are what cook the gnocchi, leaving your foil pack dinners bursting with flavor.

This is the perfect quick meal for weeknights or when you have company over on the weekends. Gnocchi is often thought of as a fall or winter comfort food, but when cooked like this on the grill, it makes for the perfect summer feast, sans the mess!

Creamy Gnocchi Recipe with Italian Sausage

This creamy gnocchi recipe might be a new favorite and must-have in your household. The spicy Italian sausage is the star of the show, and every other flavor involved blends together perfectly, making this spin on a traditional Italian gnocchi dish a favorite!

Besides incredible flavor, this recipe is simple. The fact that it is completed in one pan is second only to its amazing taste. Adding in some greens, such as spinach or even kale is also a good option! Salad and garlic bread served with it make the perfect Italian meal.

20-Minute Ricotta Gnocchi

If you are a gnocchi lover, giving this ricotta gnocchi recipe a try is an absolute must. Using just 4 ingredients it is super simple to make. Some may even argue that it is better than its original form where it is made with potatoes. This recipe replaces the potatoes with ricotta and it is fast and easy to make, too!

This 20 minute ricotta recipe creates a flavorful, light, and chewy gnocchi that goes well with other sauces just like traditional gnocchi potato dumplings do. You will rejoice in the little time it takes to create this delicacy, and it creates fewer dishes to wash than traditional gnocchi does, too!

Parmesan Spinach Gnocchi

This 6 ingredient gnocchi recipe is an excellent meal to make for those busy evenings! The spinach adds that extra feel-good of knowing you are getting some greens in with your carbs and calories, and it also adds some of the best flavor. This recipe is very flexible, so if you have a different green on hand such as kale or arugula that will work too!

This recipe lists multiple things that can be options in it such as topping if off with a meat like chicken or bacon in order to get some more filling protein in your meal as well. A recipe that works with what you have on hand is always a good one to keep around. So whether you use homemade gnocchi or store bought, this is a dish you can sculpt to make work for exactly what your family needs.

Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Gnocchi

This creamy mushroom and spinach gnocchi recipe is not only one you will want to bake repeatedly, it is an easy one in the fact that it can be done in one pan! The mushrooms, white wine, and parmesan cheese make the perfect combination to highlight the pillow softness of the Italian potato dumpling heaven that is gnocchi.

This is a recipe delicious enough to belong in a restaurant, truly. It can be ready in a half hour and most definitely deserves a spot in your dinner rotation or at least at the table when you have company over!

Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Soup may not be the first thing on your mind when you think gnocchi, but this delicious soup will quickly change your mind. It is the perfect addition to any fall soup lineup, and adding traditional Italian gnocchi makes it a recipe you will make over and over again.

The simplicity of this recipe is excellent. It is done in 30 minutes and is every bit as excellent as what you will find at the restaurant itself. This soup is full of veggies and amazing Italian flavor, and it can even be done in the slow cooker!

Chicken Parmesan Gnocchi Bake

This gnocchi casserole bake is the perfect blend of quick and comfort! It takes just 5 ingredients to create this masterpiece that will have your family asking for you to make it again and again.

This take on the traditional Italian potato dumpling gnocchi has the great additions of chicken and cheesy goodness added to it to make it very filling. It is completely weeknight dinner friendly and you can easily prep it ahead of time to pop in the oven after a crazy day as well. It keeps for several days and the leftovers warm up beautifully.

It is pretty clear why gnocchi is such a tradition in Italian homes. This incredibly delicious potato dumpling is the perfect dinner staple to keep on hand in the pantry if you prefer to buy it store-bought. Or, chances are you always have the simple things in your home that are needed to make it from scratch as well. Many of the recipes listed above contain simple ingredients that many people keep on hand in their home, too. So if you are looking for an idea for dinner tonight, try one of these spectacular gnocchi recipes!



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