12 TikTok Recipes to Try for Yourself Today

Posted: April 28, 2023 8:33 am

Do not discount the tastiness and convenience of a recipe that you may discover on TikTok. The online social media platform has distinguished itself as being one of the best places to find new recipes.

Here are a few of the most highly rated recipes that got their start as a TikTok trend.

Pesto Eggs

Put a spin on a boring breakfast with these pesto eggs. Simply replace your butter or oil with pesto to add another flavor dimension to ordinary eggs. You can use this recipe regardless of how you like your eggs, whether that be scrambled or fried.

Wait until the pesto is sizzling in the pan before you drop in your eggs for the best results. A bit of crushed red pepper flakes or black pepper adds more flavor. Serve the eggs over toast or hash browns for a complete breakfast or brunch idea.

Custard Yogurt Toast

Custard yogurt toast is the perfect breakfast companion to pesto eggs. The custard comes together with just Greek yogurt, maple syrup, and egg. This custard is then spread on top of bread and topped with fruit, chocolate, or more.

The dish is then cooked in the air fryer until the bread is nice and crispy. The result is a breakfast that tastes more like a dessert but is still healthy.

Good topping ideas include blueberries, sliced strawberries, dark chocolate chips, white chocolate shavings, or coconut. You can also add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg to the custard batter for an additional flavor infusion.

TikTok Ramen

While simple in nature, you can spice up your ramen with this TikTok ramen recipe. This version of TikTok ramen is extra saucy and bursting with Unami. This recipe instructs you to discard the typical seasoning pack and make your own unique garlic butter soy brown sugar sauce.

The addition of an egg at the end of the cooking process makes this a more traditional ramen dish. A dash of everything bagel sauce elevates the ramen even further.

You can customize this ramen to suit your tastes. The idea is to use packaged ramen as your base and then get creative from there.

French Onion Pasta

This popular TikTok recipe evokes the classic taste of French onion soup but in pasta form. The recipe starts with caramelized onions that combine with sherry, white wine, thyme, beef broth and worcestershire sauce to create a mouth-watering sauce for the pasta.

The rigatoni pasta cooks up directly in this sauce, reducing the number of pans that you need to wash. A bit of parmesan cheese and half and half finishes off the dish, creating a creamy bowl of goodness.

This French onion pasta dish is sure to be a hit with everyone in your family. Serve it with some fresh bread to sop up all of the sauce.

Carrot Dip

Musical sensation Lizzo made this carrot dip famous on her personal TikTok. The recipe calls for a large number of ingredients, however, it comes together easily in a food processor.

A variety of spices and garnishes create a complex sweet and smoky flavor profile while the carrots add a good nutritional punch.

The zesty dip is garnished with honey, olive oil, and parsley. Good dippers include bread, crackers, or cheese. The dip makes a great snack to keep on hand in your fridge for when you want a healthy option.

Air Fryer Shrimp

It is not surprising that so many of the most popular TikTok recipes involve the use of America’s favorite new small appliance, the air fryer. This air fryer shrimp recipe is both easy and delicious, making it easy to see why it went viral.

The only ingredients that you need to pull off this recipe are jumbo raw shrimp, olive oil, paprika, butter, and chipotle seasoning. Serve this shrimp on a bed of rice or alongside your favorite pasta. A simple green salad will round out the meal.

Ricotta Toast

Move over avocado toast and make way for ricotta toast. It could not be easier to enjoy this recipe as a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or snack item. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing this recipe to suit your personal tastes.

Load your ricotta toast up tomatoes and basil. Or go more savory with smoked salmon, fresh dill, and capers. For a sweeter rendition, try it with honey and cinnamon or topped with fresh fruit. Chopped nuts will add a layer of crunch to this toast.

While you can use regular ricotta, the whipped version will yield a lighter and airier taste. Most grocery stores sell whipped ricotta or you can make it at home.

Spicy Salmon Crispy Rice

This spicy salmon crispy rice recipe is a unique twist on salmon sushi. Simply fry your favorite rice and then top it with salmon poke. Feel free to pile on other toppings such as avocado, jalapeños, and sesame seeds.

You will want to serve them with the typical wasabi, soy sauce, and pickled ginger just like regular sushi. This recipe makes for a great appetizer idea for your next get-together with friends. Adjust the sriracha sauce to make these as spicy as you like.

Blended Baked Oats

For a breakfast that feels indulgent but is actually healthy, be sure to add these blended baked oats to your morning rotation. The oats are packed with nutrients thanks to the whole grain oats, milk, egg, peanut butter, and banana.

A bit of cinnamon, maple syrup, and chocolate chips create the sweetness of this recipe. You can also substitute applesauce or pumpkin puree in place of the banana. Or get creative with the sweeteners.

Hot Honey Chicken Tenders

Hot honey chicken is one of the kings of TikTok recipes lately. These hot honey chicken tenders will make you understand why this dish has been such a hit. Chicken tenderloins are dredged in buttermilk and flour and then fried.

The chicken is then tossed with a mix of hot sauce and honey. These chicken tenders pair wonderfully with homemade macaroni and cheese, cole slaw, or fries.

Shrimp Rice Bowl

This shrimp rice bowl is the perfect use for leftover rice or shrimp. The bowl is topped with mayonnaise, sriracha hot sauce, and soy sauce, giving the bowl the taste of sushi.

Although the cucumber salad is optional, it makes a great addition to the bowl. The creamy avocado helps to balance out the spice. You can stuff all of this into nori paper to eat like sushi or simply eat it with a fork.

Dalgona Coffee Martini

This dalgona coffee martini is what dreams are made of. This recipe uses vodka and Bailey’s Irish cream for the alcohol, however, you can also try it with Kahlua or RumChata.

The booze is added to a frothy mixture of instant coffee, sugar, and cold water. Top your martini with a dollop of whipped cream and some chocolate sprinkles for a special boozy indulgence to end your day.

There is no denying the power of TikTok when it comes to sharing recipes. These 12 recipes went viral because they are easy, fun, and tasty. Try them for yourself to see why they became so popular with so many TikTok users.

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