12 Incredible Easy Recipes that Use Soda as an Ingredient

Posted: May 31, 2022 2:48 pm

Soda, the popular carbonated beverage, has been a trendy ingredient in recipes lately. This trend came to be once people discovered how soda can enhance flavors in recipes, ranging from sweet to savory. Want to know how it can transform some of your favorite dishes? Check out these 10+ recipes that feature soda as an ingredient below!

Recipe #1: Two-Ingredient Soda Pop Cupcakes

These two-ingredient cupcakes take the guesswork and the hassle out of making cupcakes. All you need is a cake mix and a can of soda. For maximum flavor, use a flavored soda, such as grape, lime or strawberry. Frost with your favorite frosting, but wait for the cupcakes to cool for at least an hour before doing so.

Recipe #2: 2 Ingredient Cola Cake

Cola and Devil’s Food Cake mix create a surprisingly rich and tasty cake. Bake until it is smooth in the middle. Powdered sugar is an optional topping, but we recommend it to jazz things up. Serve it at your next party and see if people can guess the secret ingredient.

Recipe #3: Easy Homemade Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce

This sweet and sticky barbecue sauce is a winner on beef, pork, chicken or veggies. Learning this recipe may be enough for you to give up the store-bought version. Be patient when it comes to making this recipe, since it takes some time for things to thicken! Combine a can of Dr. Pepper, water, tomato paste, vinegar, brown sugar, corn starch, Worcestershire sauce, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, and the optional liquid smoke and red pepper flakes, whisk them in a saucepan and wait. The result is a BBQ sauce that will take your entrees from drab to fab.

Recipe #4: Slow Cooker Coca-Cola Pulled Pork

The next time you are craving some pulled pork, try adding some classic Coca-Cola! Mix up the sauce, which features the soda, ketchup, vinegar, onion, chili powder, salt and Worcestershire sauce, add it to some pork shoulder, cook it, shred it and pile it on top of salads or soft and fluffy buns.

Recipe #5: Soda Ice Cream

Just three ingredients, soda, whole milk and sweetened condensed milk, make a tasty Soda Ice Cream. Use your favorite flavor—orange or cream soda work well, as does lime. This tastes like both soda and ice cream in one dessert, so if you love root beer floats and the like, you will enjoy this.

Recipe #6: Easy Raspberry Soda

Using simple ingredients and fresh or frozen raspberries, this tangy and sweet drink combines raspberries, white sugar, water and vanilla, plus ice and club soda. Serve in glasses and top with some extra raspberries. This mocktail is bound to be popular at your next gathering, and is easy enough to make or enjoy on a lazy afternoon as well.

Recipe #7: Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

This can be served on saltine crackers or in a glass. Jalapeño peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, cilantro, juice, ketchup, avocado, limes, hot sauce and orange soda (generic or Fanta works) make this a refreshing hot weather treat. Maybe this can bring Taco Tuesday up a notch!

Recipe #8: Homemade 7Up Pound Cake

Buttery and rich, this pound cake in made in a Bundt pan and features 7Up, a favorite soda! A classic white icing adds the finishing touches on this pretty cake. Now, who wants the first slice?

Recipe #9: Root Beer Cookies

Butter-based cookies are made unique with root beer or root beer concentrate. They taste similar to a gingersnap, but are chewier in texture. If you want to bake these, read the comments from past bakers, which will point you in the right direction re: ingredient amounts.

Recipe #10: Easy Coconut Shrimp Recipe

Yes, you can enjoy coconut shrimp without paying expensive restaurant prices. Crunchy and flavorful, these shrimps make a good appetizer or topping in sandwiches or on salads. Club soda, panko breadcrumbs and plenty of flour are needed to make this extra tasty. Deep fried and golden, these are delicious!

Recipe #11: Loaded Pulled Pork Nachos

Pressure cooked in root beer, these nachos are what you need for snacking goodness. Smothered with cheese, salsa and black beans, add in some guacamole or sour cream once they are done. Perfect for appetizers or a snack, soda has never looked so tasty!

Recipe #12: Cola Wings

Chicken wings, cola, soy sauce and olive oil are all you need to get these wings together in about 10 minutes. Grab plenty of napkins and dig into these wings that are ideal for making Game Day extra fun.

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