12 Healthy Recipes for College Students

Posted: September 14, 2022 3:00 am

College students who live in the dorms, especially as brand new, right from home freshman, are in for a lot of new things as they step out on their own. Learning to balance budget and eating healthy can be one of the most difficult things. The college cafeteria meal plans are not only typically pricey, there is also not always time for these students to go there for all meals. So eating in the dorm room is something that needs to be able to happen on occasion. It will not only save money, but it will also allow each student to make sure they are getting some healthier options in as well. But, in order for that to happen they need to have recipes on hand that they can easily make in their dorm room! Read on for 12 simple, healthy recipes for college students to make with what they have available in their dorm rooms.

10 Minute Microwave Enchiladas

These 10 minute microwave enchiladas are the perfect, healthy dorm room dinner for any college student. They really just take 3 main ingredients, tortillas, canned chicken, and cheese, but the recipe also allows for lots of variations or toppings to be added. Adding some cilantro, beans, avocado, or even corn can add that much needed flavor! And as long as there is a microwave in that teeny tiny dorm room or in the common area down the hall, a delicious dinner will be created easily and quickly. Is that not always a college student’s goal?

Cherry Oat Smoothie

Smoothies are always wonderful options for a quick and healthy meal. And one that tastes like cherry pie is even better! This simple smoothie is great for a quick breakfast or lunch on those late night study sessions. Keep that mini fridge in a dorm room stocked with some delicious vanilla yogurt, milk, and fresh fruit, add in some rolled oats, and this recipe will be good to go! A mini blender is a great college dorm room necessity and is exactly what a student needs to make this amazing smoothie. It is great for an on-the-go and filling breakfast on the way to class, too!

One-bowl Microwave Scrambled Eggs


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This seems like such a basic one, but do not let it go underestimated. Eggs can be the perfect base to lots of different and simple meals. The fact that they can be microwaved opens up endless possibilities for college students. Add in some cheese, tomatoes or spinach for some extra healthy goodness. These can also be added to tortillas to make breakfast tacos or breakfast burritos! Just 4 easy ingredients and 2 quick minutes is all that is needed. Check out the recipe for some excellent tips on how to make these eggs spectacular!

Stuffed Avocados Recipes

These various takes on stuffed avocados are a great option while living in dorms. They are healthy and do not even require anything like a microwave or mini blender, making them even more simple! Fixing up ready-to-eat avocados will have them bursting with flavor. This recipe provides fillings to use that include chickpea “tuna”, an arugula grain salad, and a bean salad. They make for a delicious snack or even lunch that is on the lighter side. It is best with this recipe to prepare the stuffing ahead of time so that it is ready to go on the avocado as soon as it has been cut.

Vanilla Yogurt and Berry Parfaits

Since we have already talked about keeping vanilla yogurt stocked in a college dorm mini fridge, here is another delicious recipe that can be used for really any meal of the day or any snack! Fresh fruit, yogurt, and maybe some granola is all that is needed. The beauty of these easy parfaits is that you can make them quickly, or if you are feeling super prepared, they also keep well. So spend 30 minutes on Sunday making parfaits for the week and college hands will be reaching for these in the fridge instead of the bag of chips in the vending machine.

Five-Minute Vegetarian Rice Bowl

This meal is legit, and it is almost a little hard to believe that it can be made in a college dorm room, but students will rejoice in fact that it easily can. There are a few more ingredients that are required than the rest of the recipes shared so far, but it is 100% worth it. Who knew you could buy frozen, pre-cooked brown rice?! Black beans, rice, salsa, plain Greek yogurt, shredded cheese, and the trusty dorm microwave and the perfect healthy dorm room meal has been born.

Peanut Butter/Banana Sandwich

If there is one thing that should never be overlooked in a college dorm room, it is the power that is the perfect sandwich. There are dozens we could create, but take a look at this one. Based off the traditional peanut butter and jelly, this one packs a punch of health with its added fruit. And plus the amazing and unexpected taste that comes along somehow with bananas and peanut butter is unbeatable. Pack it for lunch, eat it for breakfast, let it sustain the late night study people. To mix it up, adding almond butter and honey make good options!

Egg-Topped Avocado Toast

This filling breakfast toast might be perfect for those more lazy Saturday morning breakfasts. The microwave will yet again be the best friend in this amazing dorm room recipe. Poaching eggs in the microwave? It can be done! And it makes for one of the most amazing toppings on this toast. Include the veggies and cheese and it will be perfection.

Wake Me Up Coffee Smoothie

If there is one thing it is know that college students need, it is caffeine. So knowing that coffee can be added to a healthy breakfast option of a smoothie is music to the ears. This smoothie honestly has all the morning goodies needed for a good setup for the day. It has fruit, whole grain, protein, and of course, caffeine. Some planning ahead will likely be required as this recipe does call for chilled coffee, but it is most definitely doable in a dorm!

Stuffed Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes have many health benefits, and they are also super easy to prepare in a setting like a dorm room. They soften quickly in a microwave and they can be topped with lots of yummy fresh or frozen veggies and cheeses! This recipe calls to cook the potato in the oven, but if access to one is not possible, it can be done in the microwave as well. This is a great healthy and filling meal that college students will feel good about making!

Hasselback Tomato Clubs

This is a recipe that is excellent for snacks or a light lunch, or paring it with some canned soup might make it a great dinner as well! It has lots of protein and vegetables in it and it completely grain free. A tomato holds this sandwich type recipe together and it is something that will leave a college student feeling like they have definitely created a simple and healthy meal in their own room.

Cauliflower Mac N’ Cheese

Mac N’ Cheese screams college dorm room meal. But it however does not scream healthy. Cue the cauliflower. This recipe takes 5 minutes to make, 3 ingredients to put together, and it is keto. This recipe is a “mug cake” style recipe so it does not make a lot of food, but it can be easily expanded upon for a hungry college student or even to feed the roommates too!


There are lots of simple and quick ways for students to eat on their own in their dorm rooms. It is just not always feasible to make it to the cafeteria. College is hard enough without having to worry about what kind of healthy meals a student can easily create in their dorm rooms. Let this article shine some light on a few ways to help students eat both healthily and quickly in their own dorm!


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