12 Easter Brunch Ideas that Will Make for a Meal to Remember

Posted: April 14, 2022 10:28 am

Sundays are for brunch. We love pouring bubbly, eating savory and sweet entrees and talking about our weeks with friends and loved ones. Since Easter always falls on a Sunday, use this day of the week to keep up with tradition by making this meal the main one of your celebrations.

Look below for 10+ meal ideas for Easter brunch. If you want to divide up the responsibilities, put the ideas in a hat and have your friends choose which ones they will make. That way, there is plenty of time to relax and reflect! Wishing you a joyous Easter.

Recipe #1: Cream Green Pea Soup

With just seven ingredients, it does not take much to make this hearty soup. Made with fresh or frozen peas, it takes good alone or with an entire Easter spread, which could be ideal if you plan on holding brunch later in the day. Butter, sweet onion, chicken stock, frozen peas, baking potato and whipping cream are the main ones, but ground black pepper and cheese as a garnish add something a little extra. Serve hot, while passing the cheese and extra peas around the table.

Recipe #2: Pecan Sandies

These buttery and crumbly cookies are a nice after-dinner treat. Crumbly and packed with buttery pecans, these cookies are best when chilled or eaten soon after baking. Save a few extras for the clean up crew or when everyone is feeling hungry after eating an early brunch.

Recipe #3: Scalloped Potatoes

These go great with ham! Crispy and cheesy, thinly cut potatoes are delightful and a comforting food, making them perfect for a traditional Easter brunch. Add in some scallions or bacon for even more flavor. Chop up pieces, sauté them and put them in before the casserole dish goes in the oven. For the last 5 minutes, put the potatoes under a broiler to brown them and sprinkle cheese on top.

Recipe #4: Edible Easter Nest Eggs

If you like having the option of choice, look no further—this page includes four recipes for edible Easter Nests, to be filled with the Easter chocolate or jelly beans of your choice. Butterscotch is traditional, but always a favorite, as is rice cereal. Pretzel is for salty fans, and coconut is sweet and refreshing. You cannot go wrong with any of these, so choose based on what you have on hand and what your brunch attendees enjoy.

Recipe #5: Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot cake is a spring favorite—a crumbly cake is filled with spices, nuts and carrots, and a fluffy cream cheese frosting tops things off. For extra special twists, serve on a glass platter and use orange and green icing to put carrots on top. Set one cupcake near each guests’ plate so everyone can enjoy at least one sweet treat.

Recipe #6: Butterfly Sugar Cookies

Classic sugar cookies bring together butter, flour and sugar, a great combination. Take things to the next level by cutting out the dough in the shape of butterflies, before swirling icing around for a delicate decoration. If Easter falls on a rainy Sunday, serve with plenty of hot tea.

Recipe #7: Asparagus Frittata

Asparagus is a classic spring vegetable. Use it in a new way when you make this frittata, which includes thin asparagus, olive oil, red onion, the slightest bit of sugar, salt, chopped Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, black pepper and 6 large eggs. Any extras make for a filling breakfast in the days that follow.

Recipe #8: Bunny Cupcakes

Kids will love these cute cupcakes. Gather white, pink and purple sanding sugar and get to work making vanilla cupcakes. Frost with your frosting of choice before sticking the sugar on each cupcake. Use cut marshmallows and icing to decorate each bunny.

Recipe #9: Lemon Souffle Pancakes

Light and fluffy pancakes can also have a seat at the brunch table. Traditionally served with butter, syrup or fruit, pancakes are delectable no matter they are prepared. This lemon version works best with powdered sugar, maple syrup or a raspberry sauce—perhaps you can serve it alongside all three and guests can choose what they would like to top them with. The tanginess of the lemon works with a cheese of your choice.

Recipe #10: No-Bake Personal Strawberry Cheesecakes

No more fighting over dessert! Everyone gets their own personal bright and sweet cheesecake, keeping things happier and more equitable. Top with fresh strawberries and serve alone or with vanilla wafer cookies. Keep chilled until serving.

Recipe #11: “Light” Green Bean Casserole

Love the classic, but not the calories? This version ditches canned soup for a healthier take. Butter, flour, fried onions (or fresh onion slices) and buttered breadcrumbs still meet limited amounts of cream and Swiss cheese for side dish that you will feel slightly less guilty about serving.

Recipe #12: Mini Egg Brownies

Fudgy chocolate brownies are one crowd pleaser which are a good default if you do not know what everyone likes. Hide mini chocolate eggs in them for a festive twist. Hint: Make a double batch and pour plenty of milk since these will likely be a favorite of the meal.

Did you find this useful in planning your Easter brunch? Spread the word! Feel free to bookmark or post to your timeline for reference later!



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