12 Delicious Ideas to change up Taco Tuesdays

Posted: August 2, 2022 4:45 pm

Last year, over 4.5 billion tacos were consumed in America alone, but if you feel like your Taco Tuesdays have become the same thing every week, then try these family-approved ideas. These quick and delicious recipes will have your family ready to eat tacos more than one day out of the week.

Rio Rancho Taco

The secret to making excellent ground beef tacos is to be sure to season your ground beef well. The meat for Rio Rancho Tacos is seasoned with dry ranch salad dressing and seasoning mix, garlic powder, brown sugar and other ingredients that help it taste just like the meat found at high-end Mexican restaurants. Then, it is left to sit until Tuesday, when you can prepare your delicious tacos.

Duck Confit Tacos

Duck Confit Tacos raises the bar on elegance on Taco Tuesdays to almost its highest level, but this recipe goes together quickly. These are particularly delicious when you make them on jicama taco, but flour tortillas will work. One of the reasons this dish is so yummy is the orange-cherry salsa you use to top it. There is no need to fear as this recipe is easy to follow and will impress everyone.

Tacos de Pollo – Mexican Shredded Chicken Tacos

Long a favorite of families in Mexico, Tacos de Pollo is a dish that your family will adore. These tacos are a great way to take advantage of your grocery store’s sale on chicken breast. You can change up the shredded cheese in these to use what you already have on hand.

Sweet and Sour Short Rib Tacos

Asian fusion meets Mexican when you make Sweet and Sour Short Rib Tacos. These are best made with ribs that have been cooked and refrigerated for a couple of days, so throw some extra in your smoker the next time you barbecue. This is a great way to prepare your tacos in your slow cooker while you are at work so that supper is almost ready when you get home.

Bacon and Queso Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast for dinner on Taco Tuesdays is easy when you make Bacon and Queso Breakfast Tacos. You may not even need a recipe when you make these delicious tacos because you combine eggs, bacon and potatoes. The secret in getting these quickly on the supper table is to use store-bought queso dip. These also freeze incredibly well, so make extras and send everyone out the door with one in the morning.

Cod Fish Tacos

If you need to watch your calorie intake, codfish tacos are a delicious way to prepare a low-calorie meal. A chili-lime cumin rub makes the cod extra flavorful. Add a spoonful of delicious slaw and serve these up in a hurry. Your family will have your family raving. These tacos have just about 171 calories per taco.

Korean Spicy Sweet Potato Falafel Tacos With Kimchi

Invite the goodness of fresh Mediterranean falafels and Korean seasonings to your next Taco Tuesday. This vegan-friendly recipe brings the goodness of sweet potatoes, cabbage, Asian pears and chickpeas to your family’s dinner table. If you do not already have gochujang paste, which is a hot pepper sauce, you can find it in the Asian food section at major grocery stores or make your own.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Tacos

Chicken Cordon Blue Tacos are an elegant take on Taco Tuesdays that you can easily prepare. The secret is to fry prosciutto and crumble it for your tacos. The second secret is to add Worcestershire sauce and Dijon mustard to Swiss cheese and pour over the top. These are pretty enough that you may want to invite your in-laws or your boss over to enjoy taco night with you.

Easy Tofu Tacos

You can easily put Easy Tofu Tacos together in about 20 minutes when you start with tofu crumbles. Stir in your favorite Mexican spices and have this on the table before you hear how everyone is famished. While you can top these vegan tacos in numerous ways, try stirring together a little yogurt and hot sauce for just the right amount of heat.

Asian Chicken Tacos

Asian chicken tacos are fast to make when you start with rotisserie chicken from the store. You may also want to consider grilling some extra chicken at your next barbecue and using it for this recipe. The secret to Asian Chicken Tacos lies in the mango slaw that you can easily make by combining mango, green cabbage, red onion, cilantro, carrots and avocado.

Reuben Tacos

If you have leftover corned beef in the refrigerator, then it is easy to make Reuben tacos. Layer the corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut in a pan and warm. Then, use it to fill flour tortilla shells. This recipe is so simple that you may find yourself making corned beef more often so that you can use the leftovers.

Apple Pie Tacos

No one will blame you if you sample Apple Pie Tacos while getting them ready to serve your family. While it is easy to make your filling with fresh apples, this recipe works equally well with canned apple pie filling. Use a cookie-cutter to cut flour tortillas into bite-size pieces and dip them into cinnamon and sugar before frying. An upside-down muffin tin covered with a pretty napkin makes a great holder until you are ready to eat these for dessert.

S’mores Tacos

Your family will rave when they get to make S’mores Tacos when Taco Tuesday falls during your next camping trip. Start by creating your taco shells out of sugar cookie dough. Then, let everyone stuff them with roasted marshmallows and melted chocolate. If you are not camping, it is easy to make these in the broiler.

Try these delicious ideas for Taco Tuesdays. You will wish there was more than one Tuesday in the week when you start using these recipes.

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