12 Delicious Breakfast Ideas To Help You Get Ready for Fall

Posted: September 9, 2021 10:47 am

With autumn sweeping in on the heels of summer, it’s not all pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween costumes. It’s also cold frosty mornings–and difficulty getting out of bed. Who wants to get out of that warm bed and step onto the cold floor? You need an extra incentive to get up on time (or your kids do)–but not one that requires an extra hour of preparation or getting up early.

These recipes will add an element of not only taste but relief to your day, as all of them are simple and involve cook time of 30 minutes or less. In fact, most of them can be prepared in mere minutes. There is plenty of pumpkin and pumpkin spice to choose from, of course, but we’ve laid out some savory dishes for you well, with everything from sausage to egg and back again. So without further ado, here are 12 easy and quick delicious autumn breakfast recipes that will make the cold mornings worth it and give you a warm start to the day.

PUMPKIN FRENCH TOAST – This may sound fancy, but with a prep of only five minutes, it’s not only doable but ideal. Simply blend pumpkin puree with maple syrup and the classic pumpkin spice blend along with milk, eggs, and vanilla, and dip each slice of bread and fry it! This recipe also has an almost-too-easy recipe for pumpkin butter that pairs perfectly with this french toast and a cup of coffee and gives you the perfect, cozy start to your day.

AUTUMN FRUIT OATMEAL – This classic oatmeal pulls out all the stops: sweet, creamy, and packed with autumn flavor. If you aren’t in the mood for pumpkin but still want to catch that harvest vibe, this easy dish is for you.

APPLE HONEY DUTCH BABY – This recipe calls for 15-20 minutes cooking time for the pancake, during which time you are sauteing the apple mixture. The bonus of this extra few minutes is the wonderful aroma that will fill your house.

APPLE CRISP PARFAIT – While not a completely warm dish, this easy recipe utilizes your microwave to make the warm, spiced apple crisp and then pairs it with cool, tart and rich yogurt for a delicious contrasting dish that is completely fuss-free.

EASY CHORIZO SCRAMBLE – For a heartier savory dish on those mornings when the fog comes out and you’ll need added fuel to get through, whipping up this delicious egg scramble with its warm spice of chorizo sausage and dash of lime and cilantro will give you everything you need. It is served in the recipe with warmed tortillas, but you can always toast some bread if you don’t have any, or add pumpkin loaf for an extra autumn-y meal.

CINNAMON ROLL COFFEE CAKE – This has a 30 minute cooking time and is only slightly more laborious, making it perfect for a weekend breakfast where you aren’t spinning around like the Tazmanian devil trying to get everything done. Pairs excellently with a cup of coffee and is sure to be a hit with the whole house.

QUICHE – Quiche is pretty quick work if you don’t make the crust by hand, and this recipe calls for a pre-made pastry shell, saving you valuable time in the morning. This delicious version boasts both the fresh tartness of goat cheese and the savory tang of leeks, giving you valuable nutrition as well as protein first thing in the morning. And who doesn’t love quiche?

INSTANT POT PUMPKIN PIE OATMEAL – This absolutely delicious recipe takes a grand total of ten minutes and may be the most fall-festive oatmeal you’ve ever had. It’s like having pumpkin pie for breakfast, but its healthier (and warmer)! Just some pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, and brown sugar go into this incredibly easy and flavorful dish that you can make the night before or the morning of–it’s so easy, it doesn’t matter.

PUMPKIN HALOUMI AND BACON CROISSANTS – This seasonal twist on the classic ham and cheese croissant is a quick and easy meal, particularly good for a weekend brunch after sleeping in.

SCOTCH EGGS – This British traditional breakfast food is both hearty and a uniquely delicious treat for your house. With simple ingredients such as softly boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and coated in breading made from crushed cornflakes, this protein-packed dish is sure to please and pairs well with a side of hash browns.

PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE OVERNIGHT OATS – Almond butter adds a creamy, nutty texture to this delicious fall treat which, honestly, tastes more like a cookie than breakfast–but who’s complaining? Chocolate chips, pumpkin spice, maple syrup–this oatmeal has it all. And best of all, this is prepared the night before, letting time do most of the work.

EGG MUFFINS – These handy grab-and-go egg muffins combine the delicious flavors of spinach, tomato, bacon, and cheddar and only requires 30 minutes baking time (of course, if you have microwaveable muffin molds, you can also use the microwave. Depending on your model, 40-60 seconds is all it takes).

So there you have it! Whatever your time limits or personal taste, you’ll find something here to warm up a chilly fall morning any day of the week.



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