10 Spaghetti Dishes to Spruce Up Spaghetti Night

Posted: November 2, 2021 1:34 pm

While you may think of spaghetti as Italian, Marco Polo probably brought the idea back to Italy from China. That may have been the case for some types of spaghetti, but the Book of Roger records pasta being made in Italy at least 100 years before Marco Polo was even born. Regardless, there is no doubt that people love to eat spaghetti. Retailers in the United States sell the most pasta, with an average of 19 pounds per person sold annually. The largest consumers of pasta are Italians, who eat over 1.4 million tons annually. Dig out your pasta pan and try these 10 new spaghetti ideas.

Spaghetti Carbona

Like many dishes, no one is sure who first invented spaghetti carbona, but the original recipe contained no butter, cream or garlic. American soldiers during World War II likely brought their ration of eggs and bacon to restaurants in the Rome area to combine with their meager supplies, and this dish was invented. Since then, many different versions have been developed, including the addition of bottarga, smoked trout by three-star Michelin chef Mauro Uliassi. In contrast, three-star chef Norbert Niederkofler has created his version with leeks, Malga cheese, dehydrated speck powder, and spelt flour fusilli. You can keep things simple at home with this five-ingredient spaghetti carbona recipe.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Serving spaghetti with a tomato-based sauce is an American tradition that did not develop until about 1900. Before that time, cooks, especially in the Naples, Italy region, often made their sauce with olive oil and garlic sauce. This recipe for spaghetti aglio e olio, which translates spaghetti with garlic and oil, stays true to the dish’s original roots. This recipe gets a kick from crushed red pepper, but if you were to eat it in Italy, you probably would find it served with tiny red peppers, whose name translates to little devil. If you are invited to fix dinner for an international buffet, this is the perfect option to take.

Spaghetti Bolognese

While many people would assume that spaghetti bolognese was invented in Bolognese, its origins may lay further to the west in Imola, Italy. Alberto Alvisi, who was the cook for the cardinal who would eventually become Pope Pio VII, may have invented the first ragu recipe, which is the base for spaghetti bolognese. The recipe was printed in a cookbook in the late 1800s published by Pellegrino Artusi. The recipe invented by Alberto was more like a stew and designed to be served over a noodle, similar to egg noodles and contained veal, truffles, chicken liver and heavy cream. You can make a much simpler and cheaper spaghetti bolognese at home and enjoy the benefits of eating a vegan meal.

Spaghetti All’ubriaco

Spaghetti all’ubriaco is often called drunken pasta because it relies on a quick red wine/shallot sauce for its flavor and unique color. This dish requires a whole bottle of Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino or any medium-bodied dry red wine. Traditionally, this dish is made with cured pork belly or jowl, but you can substitute Italian sausage. You will also want to add some bay leaf, garlic, pancetta and a touch of hot pepper sauce. This is a super recipe for a busy night when you need to get supper done in a hurry or use it to surprise someone special who has never heard of drunken pasta.

Spaghetti Puttanesca

Literally translated, spaghetti puttanesca means spaghetti prostitute. No one is sure where this recipe featuring garlic, red pepper flakes, chile peppers, and tomatoes originated, but most think it was in the Naples, Italy, area, about the time of World War II. The origins may have to do with the beautiful way that the anchovies, capers and olives used in the traditional recipe sent a beautiful aroma wafting through the air. You will want to try this dish in your home as it will make your home smell wonderful, and it is delicious.

Pasta Pomodoro

The first spaghetti cooked in Italy contained very little sauce. When it was present, it was not made with tomatoes, even though early European settlers had long introduced Italians to tomatoes in other cuisines. The name of this dish translates as golden lady because those early tomatoes were yellow. The first mention of a tomato-based spaghetti sauce may have been in Vincenzo Corrado’s book Cuoco galante, published in 1798. You can easily make this option at home.

Spaghetti al Arrabbiata

If you usually find most spaghetti a little bland for your tastes, you need to try spaghetti al arrabbiata as you will adore the spicy kick of this creation. The dish’s name translates spaghetti angry because this creation that legend says came from Roman whores has a kick. This sauce is often used as a base sauce, with people adding various things to it, including anchovies and snails. Some recipes use pecorino cheese instead of Parmesan while others leave it out entirely. Others add mushrooms and pancetta, to tone down the spiciness of this simple dish.

Spaghetti Frittata

If you have prepared too much spaghetti, spaghetti frittata is a great way to get rid of it without your family complaining about leftovers. This recipe was initially invented shortly after Napoleon’s death. It was made for sharing at a table where it was often eaten with the fingers without using cutlery. This dish is excellent for packing in lunchboxes as it tastes even better the next day. This dish is often served in Naples as an appetizer before pizza.

Rasta Pasta

Give spaghetti night an international spin by preparing Rasta pasta. This recipe was probably developed in the 1930s during the Rastafarianism Movement. It uses traditional Jamaican ingredients, including bell peppers, a creamy sauce and Caribbean seasonings. While it is often served as a vegetarian dish without adding a protein, you can use jerk chicken, shrimp or oxtail and stay true to this recipe’s roots.

Chicken Spaghetti

Chicken spaghetti is often seen as one of America’s best comfort foods, especially in the South. While there is no recorded history of who made the first chicken spaghetti casserole, it was likely shortly after Campbell Soup Company made their first can of creamed soup in 1934. You can easily make this dish at home using ingredients you probably already have on hand.



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