10 Air Fryer Recipes and Secrets You Haven’t Seen

Posted: January 20, 2022 4:19 pm

An air fryer can revolutionize the way that you cook. It heats food more quickly than an oven and gives it a perfect texture. Foods that are supposed to be crispy gain a satisfying crunch, and other foods are warmed evenly without drying out. If that doesn’t encourage you to use the appliance more often, these air fryer recipes might.

1. Air Fryer Fries

If there’s one air fryer recipe that most home cooks aim to master, it’s the French fry. Potatoes are tricky to cook into a perfect fry that’s crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth tender inside. Traditional frying loads them with grease, and roasting them in the oven can make them soggy. This recipe for air fryer fries tells you exactly how to cut potatoes for a restaurant-style outcome. Plus, it provides a genius tip that makes these fries even more addictive. The result is perfectly browned, sturdy fries that won’t wither under the gooiest poutine.

2. Air Fryer Wings

You might think that the sauce makes the wing, but the most mouthwatering glaze can’t make up for a terrible texture. That’s why you need this chicken wing air fryer recipe. These air fryer wings claim to be the crispiest. Plus, they take half as long to cook as they would in the oven. Even so, you’ll devour them faster than you can air fry them.

3. Strawberry Hand Pies

Now that you know how to make the most popular staples in an air fryer, it’s time to get creative. These hand pies look just like Pop-Tarts. You can make them using handmade or store-bought pie crust. Make the crust ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator to whip up a batch on the fly. Although the recipe uses strawberry jam for the filling and a powdered sugar glaze for the icing, we bet that you can think of other options. Customize your hand pie with different filling flavors, and try out alternative frostings, like a drizzle of caramel or smear of hazelnut spread.

4. Bacon-Wrapped Onion Rings

You know how it’s so hard to get the coating to stick to the onion ring and maintain a pristine crunch after you cook it? Now you don’t have to worry about it. Instead of bothering with batter, wrap a slice of bacon around the onion to make these easy appetizers. The air fryer heats these up evenly, delivering a mild tenderness to the onion while caramelizing the bacon to a flawless crispiness.

5. Beetroot Chips

Who knew that beets could be such an appealing snack? This is the healthiest chip that we can fathom, but it tastes like straight decadence. One of the tricks to getting these to turn out just right is slicing the beets thinly. Use a mandoline slicer if you have one available. If not, cut the top off of the beet. Lay that flat surface on the cutting board so that the veggie doesn’t roll around while you create your slices.

6. Shishito Peppers

If you haven’t tried shishito peppers yet, you can whip up a batch using this air fryer recipe. This is a low-carb snack that makes for unique, impressive appetizers. Most shishito peppers are sweeter and smokier than they are spicy. However, about 10% will surprise you with a fiery kick. The dipping sauce in this recipe cools down the potential heat.

7. Mac and Cheese Balls

We’ve seen some air fryer recipes for mac and cheese, and they look incredible. This recipe takes the comfort food to the next level by transforming it into a handheld delicacy. It’s an excellent way to use up leftovers. Play around with different brands of mac and cheese to add some variety to the dish. Also, it never hurts to add some bacon to these easy appetizers.

8. Stuffed Pork Chops

Stuffed pork chop covered in gravey

This pork chop air fryer recipe makes for an easy dinner. Just pair it with a salad or air-fried vegetable, and you’ll have a filling meal that even kids love. It’s a great way to satisfy your stuffing cravings outside of Thanksgiving season. If you have a favorite stuffing recipe, try substituting that for a change. You can even make the stuffing ahead of time. Leftovers are ideal for this meal.

9. Tacos

Just when we thought tacos couldn’t get any better, we found this recipe. It’s like getting fresh tacos from your favorite Mexican restaurant. The air fryer crisps the taco shell perfectly, merging the flavors as the tacos cook. Plus, you can substitute just about any type of meat and toppings for a regular meal that never gets boring.

10. Air-Fried Oreos

We have definitely saved the best air fryer recipe for last. This dessert is worthy of serving at the country fair but is quite a bit healthier. Just wrap Oreos into pillowy pockets of crescent roll dough, and dust them with powdered sugar while they’re still hot. These easy-to-eat snacks are just as sumptuous as you would think without being overly sweet. If you don’t end up eating them all in one sitting, reheat them in the air fryer to reactivate the perfect texture.



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